CW1: Exulting in the Midst of Trials

Come, all ye heavy laden and exult in the Lord, the Redeemer;

Cast your burden upon Him who is mighty to save, and rejoice in His salvation;

Celebrate in the midst of your trials, for our God is a Refuge in storm!


All who are weary, sing praise – for in our weakness, Yahweh is strong;

And those who are brought low, rejoice – when we are made humble, God is glorified;

Ask the Lord for strength and be glad, for He is the Rock in whom we trust!


Rejoice, you who mourn, for Christ is your comfort;

Revel, you who are poor, for in Him you are rich;

Rest in the Lord, and glory, you who are tired, for He is your strength!


Exult, you who hunger and thirst for His righteousness;

Extol His name with joy, you who are persecuted for the sake of His name;

Enter into the joy of the Lord in the midst of trial; for He is worthy of all adoration.


Never cease to sing His praise;


Always delight in the love of the Lord.


King of kings is our God – rejoice!


In Him is rest, and peace, and joy – sing praise!


Nestle in the grace of the Lord with delight, for His love endures forever.

No one is able to pluck you from His hand – therefore, you weary ones, rejoice in your God.

Now and evermore, exult in your precious Redeemer!


In reading my Bible lately, I’ve noticed many passages that talk about having joy and exultation in the midst of trials (Habakkuk 3:17-19, for example).  Those passages are very convicting, because honestly — when I’m miserable, I don’t feel very joyful at all.  But they are encouraging words as well.  I can have joy, even when my world seems to crumble around me.  I can not only rejoice, I can exult in my precious Redeemer, by His grace.

~carreen a


8 thoughts on “CW1: Exulting in the Midst of Trials

  1. I love your topic, and you did a beautiful job with it! its very uplifting; with all the ways that it can go wrong it always comes out right for the Christian (:

  2. suggestion: in the beginning it seems like you meant to have three lines per letter, but at the end you deviate from that structure. sometimes that can be confusing to the reader, so you could try revising it so it seems more uniform, unless you had a specific reason not to.

    1. Thanks for your praise and your suggestion, Lindsey. That was something I kind of struggled with also…I liked the idea of having the three-lines-per-letter at the beginning, and then breaking it up with some single lines that were simpler and more of a call to rejoice. However, I think it would have made the poem more cohesive if I had gone back to my three-line rule for that last N. Definitely something to ponder…thanks for the advice!

  3. msgainestps 9.29.09 — 9:30 pm

    Good job, Carreen. You have lots of lines of contrast throughout your poem. Was your theme something like praise? I’m trying to figure out your keyword. Suggestion: continue the three line per letter to be consistent. It seemed to end too quickly (and that’s a good sign if you leave your reader wanting more =). Feel free to edit later if you choose.

    1. My keyword was exult, though sometimes I think I let it spill over into the praise category. Thanks for your comments!

  4. I really like how the R and E lines all start with verbs. It really caught my attention in a commanding sort of way.

  5. Great job Carreen! You had a really moving piece. I found it incredibly encouraging. You did an amazing job with this.

  6. I absolutely love how you brought scripture into your acrostic! Lines such as, “Come, all ye heavy laden…” “…for He is the Rock in whom we trust!”, and many others. I also really enjoy how you took some of the Sermon on the Mount and incorporated that into your acrostic, whether intentional or not.

    It reminded me of a bridge in a song when you started using one line again instead of three and then switched back again. The starting and stopping added nice effect!

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