Lady of the Lake

My family and I went to the library book sale and picked up a ton (I know, because I carried them around in a paper bag) of old, beautifully bound classics, and came out just $16.50 poorer.  Among our finds was a beautiful copy of Scott’s Lady of the Lake. I haven’t read it yet, but it was so pretty, I had to take some pictures.


The ring is the promise ring that my dad gave me for my thirteenth birthday.


I’m not quite pleased with the bluish color of the bottom picture, but the light was fading fast…just pretend that it’s meant to be artistic. : )


~carreen a


1 thought on “Lady of the Lake

  1. Careen–nice picture! That really is a lovely book. I by far prefer the bottom picture. I like the depth, how you took it from the side instead of down from above.

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