RR8 – Writing Reflection 1

1. Which of your own Creative Writings do you like the best and why? Which is your least favorite and why?

I find that I write the best when I enjoy my subject the most.  I really enjoyed turning the first chapter of Winnie-the-Pooh into poetry for my CW6, and consequently consider it the best work I have turned in so far.  One of my favorite aspects of this assignment was how A. A. Milne’s style of poetry crept in to my poetic retelling of his prose. Though this was unintentional at first, I loved finding ways to further incorporate this whimsy once I realized how much it added to the poem.

Our family does not celebrate Halloween, so the CW8 assignment felt a little awkward to me.  I found it difficult to express my strong beliefs on the holiday while still remaining sensitive to my classmates who think differently.  Because of this, the final result seems forced to me.  The other problem I encountered in this assignment lies in a deep-rooted habit of mine to write allegorically.  I never know just how literal the allegory needs to appear, or even whether an allegory is appropriate for a particular story.  Thus, I often find myself torn between writing a long story to develop a parallel to Scripture and writing a short tale to keep it manageable for one week’s assignment.

2. Which of your own Reading Responses is the best and why? Which is your least favorite and why?

Though my RR3 turned out a little too wordy and repetitive, I believe that I best represented my true feelings in my response to Aesop’s fables.  I find this strange, because, of all the reading assignments so far this year, Aesop’s fables interested me the least — yet, because of the Scripture that they brought to mind, they prompted what I consider my best response.

My RR2, written in response to an article on Creativity and Art, seems very disjointed.  I just ran down the list of questions about the article, allowing my response to suffer in flow as well as lacking a real point.  The range of ideas that I covered was too broad to allow for depth, and more importantly, I simply failed to put the time into my response that it required.

5. What have you learned so far in this course? What would you like to learn?

So far, I have gained experience in writing in a wide variety of styles, from poetry to analysis, to fables, which I appreciate greatly.  When I write on my own, I find myself sticking with what is comfortable, rather than challenging myself to try a wildly different style or approach.  This class got me out of my writing rut, and excited about attempting different kinds of techniques.

I love children’s stories.  I love reading good ones (the clever, old-fashioned kind), and I am beginning to love writing them.  Thus, I really would enjoy discovering what makes a good children’s story.  Also, one of the difficulties that I struggle with at times is character development in a tale, which I realize we will cover during the novel project.  Aside from this, poetry is always good.  J

6. How can you improve your own writing and continue to challenge yourself to do better?

One of my main problems with writing is, as I mentioned above, my propensity to stay in my comfort zone.  In my reading responses, I need to challenge myself to consider my topics well and develop a clear approach to them.  The creative writing challenges vary so greatly that I don’t know of any specific ways to improve; but generally, I think I could improve in writing more pithily.  I tend to use a lot of words in order to get my point across, when a few good words would do so more powerfully.

7. List any questions or general feedback.

I really enjoy how viewing my classmates’ writing blogs has allowed me to know them so much better than just the once-a-week class.  I also enjoy being able to comment and receive comments on specific papers.

~c. a.


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