Life House: Everything Skit

This is an amazing video.  The music and the pantomime work beautifully together to portray the gospel in such a powerfully evocative way.

The only thing that I somewhat disagreed with is the way the girl seems to be the one deciding to return to God, rather than God granting her repentance…however, I think they did an awesome job.  Hope this blesses you as much as it has me.

~c. a.


2 thoughts on “Life House: Everything Skit

  1. hey Carreena, i love this video! i always cry when i watch it! (: and the comment you left about my story was awesome btw… thats really what i need. i’ve read it through so many times it helps to get some fresh opinions and ideas about it. thnx! (:

  2. Interesting video. I thought the most powerful moment was when the girl suddenly realized what was happening with sin and started the struggle to return to Jesus. It was inspiring. It did kind of crack me up that Jesus and the main character were…I dunno…swing dancing? Thanks for sharing, though =)

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