RR10 – I Think, Therefore I Am

This week’s reading assignment got me thinking about brains.  You know, those gray mushy masses that you never paid much attention to in science class.  They’re actually quite incredible.  I find it particularly amazing how our brains seem to operate randomly as they focus in on certain particulars while observing without registering others.  But in reality our minds work in so orderly a fashion that we can study their processes and even tailor our writing to make the most impact upon them.  In Structuring Your Writing: Some Points From Brain Research, the author of our reading assignment explores some of the many techniques writers can implement in order to cement their work in readers’ minds.  From the most basic idea of creating innovative “hooks” to draw the reader in to the more complicated method of grouping information in 5-7 easy-to-remember chunks, the article uncovers some useful tips for hopeful authors.


But this article presents to me a more important, though perhaps less obvious lesson than mere “points from brain research.”  It reminds me of the Maker of the brain that dictates to my fingers what words to type.  It points me to the amazing God who personally designed that gray mushy mass, knitting it within my mother’s womb.  I can never hope to fully understand how and why I think, let alone fathom the magnitude of my Creator.  Yet in learning a little about His creation — my brain — I can hope to know Him a bit more intimately, to become more aware of His infinity.  And, by using the knowledge He has blessed me with, I can hone my writing skills for His glory.


~c. a.


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