And Another One…

So soft I almost missed it

So loud I wonder how

So precious I could kiss it

Though I don’t know how to say…


If I had gone to find it

If it hadn’t found me first

If it had given me the chance, I would have turned away

‘Cause I don’t know how to say…


It’s a precious kind of love

It’s a new kind of grace

It’s a celestial sort of Stockholm Syndrome

And it’s teaching me to say…


Because of me, I lived death

Because of You, I died to life

Because of You, I truly Live

Because You’re teaching me to say…


That though my heart was evil, You have made it righteous

That though myself will fail me, You can never die again

That though the world may hate me, they have hated You first


That I will always love You, because You will always love me

That I can never lose You, because You will never lose me

That I can spend a lifetime in learning You by heart, but…


The more I realize Yourself

The more I realize I can’t and that

I don’t own the words to say

~c. a.


1 thought on “And Another One…

  1. Carreen – wow. This is absolutely without a doubt my favorite of your poems (except maybe Winnie-ther-Pooh, but they’re not really in the same category hehe). I like every stanza, and I love your word choices. I’m not a big fan of the crunched “’cause” in the second stanza, or the phrase “though myself will fail me” (a few to many reflexives?), but seriously that is nothing. This is fantastic. I couldn’t begin to list all that I like about it. (The “stockholm syndrome” line is great–very unexpected). Great job!

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