CW13 – January 24, 2009: Peter and Melody’s Wedding

This week’s assignment presented an unusual challenge in that we had to describe a wedding or a party without using the letter E.  I immediately panicked.  All the wedding-related words that came to mind had Es in them: bride, ceremony, dress, white, promise, marriage, flower, tears, laughter, her, she, love, aisle…even the word wedding itself!  And I admit, I nearly ditched the wedding idea for the more ambiguous party.  But, I couldn’t pass up the challenge and the joy of describing the beautiful wedding of my dear friend, Melody.  This was truly the most unique, most memorable wedding I’ve ever been to, not least because it really wasn’t about the wedding.  It was about the marriage.  And even then, it was not just a marriage, but a true portrayal or representation of Christ and His Bride, the Church.
Check out pictures and a beautiful slideshow of Peter and Melody’s wedding here.  (As you can tell, I cheated by calling the color lilac when it was really purple.  I guess it would have been more correct to say plum, but somehow that didn’t sound very poetic…hence, lilac.)

I look on as a train of girls softly winds past rows of waiting chairs.  A solitary, snowy-clad woman follows six companions in misty lilac.  I stand as this frosty, girlish gown floats by, a bright cloud of vision and aspiration wrought by loving hands into a fair symbol of purity.  A shroud of silky illusion, though partially obscuring, cannot mask that shy, soft bloom of joy which glows through it to find a mirror in his poignant look.

Turning from the nuptial train, I watch as passion lights his physiognomy at first sight of his darling and bliss bursts its boundary to rain upon his laugh.  My spirit jumps at his manly outpouring of ardor and I cry with him for joy.

A singular form of that holy ritual of matrimony follows — untraditional in many ways, but faithful always to God’s Word.  In low, bashful intonations, his vow affirms his ardor and his bond to honor and guard his woman, who commits in turn to honor and submit to him in loving adoration.

This giving and taking of vows climbs to a climax in a kiss so full of passion and purity that I call to mind that miraculous vision of Christ and His Church.  And as I look on in wistful anticipation, I call upon my God to sanctify this union.

~c. a.


6 thoughts on “CW13 – January 24, 2009: Peter and Melody’s Wedding

  1. I think you did Melody and Peter’s day justice! What a beautiful word-picture!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Lydia! I hope it’s ok that I linked to your site — the pictures turned out so beautiful, as are all of the pictures I’ve seen on your blog.

  2. You are welcome to link me all day long!

  3. Wow Carreen, I wish I could have been at that wedding. This piece of writing is simply gorgeous, left me pretty speechless when you read it in class.

    Great job!! You did a fantastic job painting this picture without using most of the traditional wedding words.


  4. Hey Carreen! I am catching up on my blog comments now…I’m so sorry; I feel terrible that you have been commenting on all of my stuff and I gotten woefully behind. I will make up for it!
    Alright, now for the wedding. Great job! You did a fantastic job of evoking an entire atmosphere. Your world choices are perfect. It feels like I am sitting right there watching the wedding. Now, back when I first read through this I thought I caught a “the” in there, but now I can’t find it…
    I particularly liked the word physiognomy…lol. There’s a great poem by Carl Sandburg called “Phizzog” which is a play on that word.

  5. Argh, I found that “the” a day or so before you commented. That’s what I get for not using the “find” feature on Word…oh, well.

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