A new camera and some children’s story inspiration…


I just (mostly) purchased myself a new camera…a Canon Rebel T1i digital SLR!  Of course, I’ m still trying to learn how to use it, so don’t expect the pictures to be that great yet.  But while I was playing around with it I got this shot, which I think looks like a children’s story.  I haven’t come up with a storyline yet.  What does this picture suggest to you?

~c. a.


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  1. mekame31 says:

    Aw wow, Carreen! Good for you. I’ve always wanted an SLR. Have you considered taking a photography class. There are some great online classes for homeschoolers through a place called The Potter’s School (dunno if you’ve heard of it). They offer a Photography 1 and a Photography 2 class which are really good.

    Anyway, back to the camera. I love the light, the detail, and the DOF it’s giving you. That bunny totally reminds me of a stuffed rabbit I had when I was little. His name was Bunny Hop-Hop. Don’t ask. *I* don’t even know how my brain works sometimes. You’re welcome to borrow the name if you want lol.

    1. carreena says:

      I know, I’m loving my cam…took me two years of piano teaching to save up for it! =) I’m looking into some classes at the JC, but possibly-fingers-crossed-hopefully Lydia Takeoka from Lydia Photography will set up some classes that I could take. If there’s anyone I’d like to learn from, it would be her…she’s so sweet and talented!

      Thanks for the name suggestion, but he’s already got one — Tex. Don’t ask. =) And the bear in the background’s name is Edmund. Funny thing is, my sister and I got matching bears one year for Christmas. I named mine Edmund and then found out that she had named hers Peter…neither of us meant to do Narnia names, they just seemed to fit. =)

  2. mekame31 says:

    Hey, that sounds fantastic if you already know someone who is good at photography. What a great “in”. Good for you to have the discipline to save up for that camera. Are you thinking of going into photography as a career?

    I don’t know if you thought I meant you should name the actual rabbit “bunny hop-hop”…I just meant you could borrow it for the story if you ever write it. Tex is an awesome name. And the bear thing is really funny.

  3. carreena says:

    I’m not thinking of photography as a career, though I would love to get good enough at it to use it to bless other people. You never know, though…someday I might make a home business of it. I guess I’ll just have to see where God has me.

    I’ll have to think on “Bunny Hop-hop.” =) It does sound like a children’s story, actually…*tells creativity part of brain to up production*

  4. mekame31 says:

    Ok, Carreen, please hit me over the head with a saucepan or something…I can’t believe I asked you (above) if you had ever heard of TPS. rofl. I am in some other online classes outside of TPS and I can’t always keep everything straight. I didn’t realize until class today the mistake I had made. haha I feel so dumb…

    1. carreena says:

      Why would I hit you with a saucepan? That would be so mean. Besides, I assumed you were being sarcastic…it was funny. But now it’s even funnier! =)

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