A new camera and some children’s story inspiration…

I just (mostly) purchased myself a new camera…a Canon Rebel T1i digital SLR!  Of course, I’ m still trying to learn how to use it, so don’t expect the pictures to be that great yet.  But while I was playing around with it I got this shot, which I think looks like a children’s story.  I haven’t come up with a storyline yet.  What does this picture suggest to you?

~c. a.


6 thoughts on “A new camera and some children’s story inspiration…

  1. Aw wow, Carreen! Good for you. I’ve always wanted an SLR. Have you considered taking a photography class. There are some great online classes for homeschoolers through a place called The Potter’s School (dunno if you’ve heard of it). They offer a Photography 1 and a Photography 2 class which are really good.

    Anyway, back to the camera. I love the light, the detail, and the DOF it’s giving you. That bunny totally reminds me of a stuffed rabbit I had when I was little. His name was Bunny Hop-Hop. Don’t ask. *I* don’t even know how my brain works sometimes. You’re welcome to borrow the name if you want lol.

    1. I know, I’m loving my cam…took me two years of piano teaching to save up for it! =) I’m looking into some classes at the JC, but possibly-fingers-crossed-hopefully Lydia Takeoka from Lydia Photography will set up some classes that I could take. If there’s anyone I’d like to learn from, it would be her…she’s so sweet and talented!

      Thanks for the name suggestion, but he’s already got one — Tex. Don’t ask. =) And the bear in the background’s name is Edmund. Funny thing is, my sister and I got matching bears one year for Christmas. I named mine Edmund and then found out that she had named hers Peter…neither of us meant to do Narnia names, they just seemed to fit. =)

  2. Hey, that sounds fantastic if you already know someone who is good at photography. What a great “in”. Good for you to have the discipline to save up for that camera. Are you thinking of going into photography as a career?

    I don’t know if you thought I meant you should name the actual rabbit “bunny hop-hop”…I just meant you could borrow it for the story if you ever write it. Tex is an awesome name. And the bear thing is really funny.

  3. I’m not thinking of photography as a career, though I would love to get good enough at it to use it to bless other people. You never know, though…someday I might make a home business of it. I guess I’ll just have to see where God has me.

    I’ll have to think on “Bunny Hop-hop.” =) It does sound like a children’s story, actually…*tells creativity part of brain to up production*

  4. Ok, Carreen, please hit me over the head with a saucepan or something…I can’t believe I asked you (above) if you had ever heard of TPS. rofl. I am in some other online classes outside of TPS and I can’t always keep everything straight. I didn’t realize until class today the mistake I had made. haha I feel so dumb…

    1. Why would I hit you with a saucepan? That would be so mean. Besides, I assumed you were being sarcastic…it was funny. But now it’s even funnier! =)

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