My First Children’s Story

This is the first children’s story that I ever wrote, and it’s actually got a pretty neat story behind it.  You see, we have some friends, the Eddys, who own a turtle named Penny.  Penelope for short.  And one day it did “run” away.  After two weeks and no Penelope they figured that she was gone for good…that is, until Mrs. Eddy was driving home one day.  She was late to a bridal shower that she was hosting at her house and she nearly ran over her own long-lost turtle on the way!  My mom said we should write a story about Penelope’s adventures.  So I did.  And here are the results.  Oh, and just so’s you know…c. a. webb is my temporary pen name.  Because it sounds cool to say that I have a pen name.  =)


~c. a.


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