S3 – Alphabet Sentences

I had a ton of fun with the last half of this assignment: creating a 26-word sentence where each word begins with a letter of the alphabet in sequence.  I learned just today that that kind of sentence is called a sovereign pangram.  So I made up like…five of them.

The first half of the assignment was a different story.  Create as perfect of a pangram as you can…well, I beat my head against a lot of walls in the past week, and then today it just clicked.  Ok, maybe it’s not a perfect pangram.  But I only repeated four letters, so I’m happy!

Now, considering the nature of these assignments, I had to use some words that aren’t all that common.  So here’s a glossary…all definitions taken from Dictionary.com unless otherwise stated.

xanthic: Of or pertaining to a yellow or yellowish color; in chemistry, of or derived from xanthine or xanthic acid.

xenophobe: A person who fears or hates foreigners, strange customs, etc.

xanthochroid: Having a light complexion and light hair.

vacillate: To sway from one side to the other; oscillate.

zealless: Wanting zeal.  (Answers.com)

zabuton: flat Japanese cushion for kneeling or sitting (http://phrontistery.info/z.html)


And now for the fun!



Quick nymphs waltz, vexing bad fjord.  (30 letters, repeated letters n, a, d and i)


Sovereign Pangrams:

Always be careful detectives, every facade guarded, hoarding intelligent Japanese key labels made namelessly on playful, quiet, red streets to undo various wicked, xanthic, yellow zombies.

Answer back cautiously, denoting every false gallantry — hostile intentions just know less manners now — of pleasantly querying rats, side-stepping their underhanded viciousness with xenophobic yuppie zealousness.

A beautiful Chinese daughter elopes for good; her immaculate, jocund, Kool-Aid loving mate never orders punch — quite reasonably, seeing that usually vacillating xanthochroids yammer zeallessly.

Always be courageous diners, eating food, gorging hard ices, juices, Kool-Aid & little meatballs, not overly pestilent querulous rolled sandwiches that undulate vicariously with xanthic, yucky zabutons.

Alice Brown cultivates downy elephants for Gina Harold, incubates jaded kittens lovingly, makes nesting ostriches, plus quietly recycles sardines that usually vacillate with xanthic, yellow zeal.


And just for fun, because I love dumb elephant jokes and that last sentence briefly mentions elephants:


Why are elephants large, gray and wrinkled?

Because if they were small, white and round they would be Aspirins.


What would you say if you saw nine elephants wearing green socks rolling down the street and one elephant wearing red socks rolling down the street?

Nine out of ten elephants wear green socks.


Why should you never go into the jungle between two and four in the afternoon?

Because that’s when elephants are jumping out of palm trees.


Why are pygmies so small?

Because they went into the jungle between two and four in the afternoon.


Now you know.

~c. a.


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