Pictures from my trip…

Well, the weatherman got it wrong.  He said it was supposed to rain.  He said it was supposed to rain hard.  We didn’t go to Knott’s Berry Farm…and it didn’t rain.  Figures.

On a lighter note, we stayed home with our friends and played games, drank tea, and ate some delicious pasta instead, with an awesome pillow fight to top it all off.  We had a blast!

I didn’t get too many good pictures other than people pictures, but here are a few.  I’m still playing with the editing…

This next one isn’t the greatest picture ever, but it is proof that you can shoot sun flares with Canons.  So there!  =)

We did a lot of browsing around antique shops and thrift stores…the bright green bottles caught my eye.

On the way home we stopped at a place called Harris Ranch.  They have awesome chandeliers there!  (Ok, so they’ve got other things, too…like beef and a gift shop and like such as…but the chandeliers were pretty cool.)

~c. a.


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