S6 – A “Testimony”

I must say that this has been the most exciting TPS class that I have taken to date.  It has pulled me out of my writing rut and encouraged me to be confident in my own style yet flexible enough to step out and try new things – writing a description of a wedding without using the letter E, for example!  Of course, there were assignments that I did not enjoy so much as others, but each one honed my skills in a way that I could never have accomplished on my own.  With the end of the school year in sight, I realize just how much my writing has matured during the last few months.


I appreciated the dynamics of the course particularly.  Though I fully acknowledge the incredible amount that I have learned from Ms. Gaines this year, in this class it seemed that she played the role of leader rather than teacher – an arrangement that I enjoyed very much.  It gave me the freedom to express my creativity while providing structure, inspiration, and constructive feedback.  In fact, Creative Writing seemed less of a writing class than a writing club; it certainly has been the closest-knit TPS course I have participated in.  A large part of this intimacy stems from my favorite aspect of the course: the blog that each of us created to showcase our writing, assigned or not, photography, music and other creativeness.  The blogs allowed us to communicate with each other on a more personal level than just chatbox chatter once a week.  Overall, this course has inspired and refined both me and my writing in ways that I did not expect when I began.  I only hope that a Creative Writing Two will be available next year!

~c. a.


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