*sings* Oh, I Love Photography…

Well, I’ve noticed that ever since I got my new camera, there has been a dearth of photos that I have posted on my blog.  I think it’s because it’s slightly embarrassing.  Embarrassing to walk around with a big-o camera and have people say, “Oh, you’re a photographer?” when you know that they don’t know that you know basically nothing about the art.  Embarrassing to realize that when you get a big-o camera you have to learn what F-stops and exposures and all that stuff means, rather than just setting the little point-and-shoot to “close-up” when you want a picture with no depth of field and just turning off the flash when your pictures are coming out washed out.  Embarrassing to post pictures that aren’t terribly good without being able to blame it on your little-o camera instead of your non-existent skills.  But still…I do love my camera.  Even if I don’t know how to make it do just what I want it to yet.  And I’m learning.  Slowly.  And what’s more,  I love taking pictures and editing pictures and sometimes, in spite of my non-existent knowledge of photography, I do get some cool shots.  Or so I think, based on what I’ve learned from browsing photographers’ blogs.  So here’s a smattering of what I’ve beet shooting lately.  They might not be good.  They might be embarrassing — not because they are really bad, but because the camera is really good and I’m not.   Not yet, anyway.   But I think they’re cool and relatively good for a beginner.  =)


The first three are from our trip this weekend to my grandma’s house, where we semi-hosted a baby shower for my cousin.




I don’t often post pictures of people…in fact, the only one that I’ve done is my avatar…because I don’t feel comfortable putting pictures of my family on the internet.  But these two are really unrecognizable, and I thought the perspective was kind of neat.  In case you can’t tell, these are of my sister, m. b. (I just love initials…*happy sigh*), on her birthday.



And, of course, the obligatory piano pictures.  My brother, r. a. (told you I loved initials), thinks that I have an obsession with photographing pianos.  But really…they make for cool pictures.  Sometimes.  The first picture I took the first day I played around with my new camera.  The second one is of my friend’s hands as she was playing the piano at a level way beyond what I could ever hope to attain to.  (My apologies for the poorly placed preposition, Ms. Gaines…The lighting was bad, but it turned out ok…and it did capture some special memories for me, as this is the friend from SoCal whom I only see once a year.


So, there you have it.  Let me know what you think.  And my apologies for clogging up your internet with waaaay too many MBs.  =)

~c. a.


3 thoughts on “*sings* Oh, I Love Photography…

  1. Wow Carreen–I think you finally beat me at the length-of-rambling-in-pre-post-explanations =). I wouldn’t put down your photography if I were you; you’re quite good. I still think you should take the TPS photography class(es) some time. I took them this year and they were really good.

    Anyway…of the first set, I really like the first one (the black and white). Great angle, very dramatic. The second one is also really nice–good composition. The third one is…well…seeing food that close up actually makes me feel a little *blech*…but it’s a fine picture =).

    Of the ones with your sister, I like the second one better. The vertical orientation seems to fit the picture a lot better and I like the position of the scarf. The first one seems cramped when it is horizontal. The second one is gorgeous, however, and a very cool idea. The piano ones are also great. I like the first one the best, but both of them are fun.

    Keep taking pictures! I enjoy seeing them.

    And I don’t know about your thing with abbreviations…it makes your whole family seem like secret agents or something =).

  2. I wasn’t putting down my photography so much as saying that now that I have the tools to do well, I’m realizing how much I need the know-how. =) I’m definitely wanting to take classes — TPS (yes, I have heard of it =))or community college — or even just informal lessons from someone.

    Thank you for your kind words…sorry I made you feel sick…you know, it’s so funny the way different people view your work, whether it’s writing or music or photography or whatever. My bro thinks that pics of food are “true art”, but you don’t care for close-ups. =) I like the second one of my sister best, too, but my grandpa would say that the right top corner is too bright…draws the eye away from the subject. I happen to rather like photos that are a little washed out with a bright spot in one part and lots of detail and contrast in the rest of it…I guess we all have our own tastes. Or maybe I’ve been corrupted by my favorite photography blogs. =) Thanks again!

  3. Photographing pianos can be fun! You can see some of mine from a shoot I did for my sister on her site: http://pianofortestudio.net. It’s definitely good to learn the rules of composition, etc. and then to know when and why to break them. Looking over some of the pictures from a shoot I did yesterday, there are definitely places of blown out highlights and people stuck in the middle of the picture, but I like them because I was going for that effect or expression!

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