Some Thoughts…

You know how sometimes you are just totally awed by something you discover or realize or are reminded of about God?  And you know how, when that happens, it seems to come up all over the place?  It’s like you’re blown away, and then you keep getting blown away, and it’s amazing.  Maybe it’s just the same phenomenon as the old “you buy a car and suddenly everyone else is driving the same kind of car as you” type of thing, but whatever it is, that’s happening to me about the paradox of salvation.  That I can’t live until I die…can’t fully love God unless I hate myself…so many things that seem upside down but are really just putting my thinking right-side up.  So, since I have mentioned them in class and have been so amazed by them myself,  here are a couple of the songs that I’ve been listening to lately that focus on that paradox.  I hope you find them as encouraging as I have!

Better For You (yes, i listen to rock.  sometimes.  this doesn’t seem so much of a song about the paradox so much as a song saying…well, kinda what i said in my intro thingy.  and actually i haven’t been listening to this a lot, it just seemed to make a nice introduction to the other two songs.)

Faith Enough (i finally got around to looking this up, megan…you’re right, it’s awesome!  thank you…)

Jesus, I My Cross I Have Taken (this is a bit long, but trust me…it’s worth it.)

In the Valley (this version cuts off the last little bit, but it’s just the instrumental part)

~c. a.


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