As you might have guessed…this post is all about random pictures that I thought turned out pretty good.  =)

This one is of my brother’s motorcycle.  He was working on it out in the driveway and I thought that the electric blue and the chrome was too good to pass up.  He just thought I was weird. =)  All I did to this picture was to up the contrast as far as it would go.

This was the same day, of the neighbor’s flower-filled tree.  I thought this turned out pretty cool, and I (as I almost always do right off the bat) upped the contrast.  It was even cooler.  Well, then I played with the mid-tones, and it came out way cooler than I expected.  That’s three cools in one paragraph.  Please don’t fine me, Ms. Gaines!

This is of a tree outside of my aunt and uncle’s house.  The light coming through the leaves was so pretty!  I didn’t edit this in any way at all.  Hey, I guess that means I must be getting better at this photography business…when you don’t have to edit digitally, you know you’ve got a fairly decent picture.  =)

Yesterday we went for a drive and found this really awesome barn with no fence and no people so we took the liberty of stopping for some pictures.  This one…I was trying to get the mustard flower in focus with the barn out of focus behind it.  Looking back, I should have pulled down some of the grass around the flower so that it wouldn’t be so distracting but *shrug* it is what it is.  I thought the colors were awesome…particularly once I upped the contrast.  Pretty cool, eh?

And last as well as least, this picture of California’s state flower, the poppy.  The picture itself isn’t the bestest, but check out that contrast of color!  I promise, I did absolutely nothing to this picture other than cropping.  The bright-orange against the bright-blue sky was incredible.  Hope you enjoyed this random stroll through some pictures that I thought turned out pretty good.  =)

~c. a.


2 thoughts on “Random-pictures-that-I-thought-turned-out-pretty-good

  1. I really enjoyed looking at these…as always with your photography. My favorite overall is the one with the pink flowers. The most interesting is the barn–great job on choosing an unusual perspective/focus. Truly artsy (in a good way)! hehe

    The motercycle is very “cool”–great vivid colors. I liked the light on the leaf one, but I wasn’t a big fan of the dark branch kind of slashing throught the middle of the background. Not a big deal, though. Fantastic job, as always!

  2. Love the light coming through the leaves! I can see the difference in your photography since your first posted pictures!

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