ashes of a soul, take two

So, a while back (as in, over seven weeks ago, because it was before we began the novel project) I posted the beginnings of a song called ashes of a soul.  And for a long time it went nowhere.  I wrote music for the verse and for the chorus but not the bridge.  Then I finally figured out music for the bridge, but no second verse.  Well, yesterday I was listening to the sermon during the service, and our pastor said the word “charred.”  And that was it.  I wrote the next bit right there during the service and put it to the music right afterward.  Amazing how poetry works…I guess it really is like Winnie-ther-Pooh says.   “It’s the best way to write poetry, letting things come.”  =D

i didn’t intend

for it to end

this way


i didn’t mean

to kneel

and pray


i’m on my knees

‘cause i lack the strength to



i’m on my knees

‘cause i trusted sinking




i do not ask

You to put me on my feet

because that would be

me supporting me



pick up the ashes of my soul

break me again, but

don’t let go

Father, i know

i can bear the flame if You hold

the ashes of my soul


i didn’t intend

for it to end

this way


i’m broken and charred

and just now it’s hard

to pray


i’m on my knees

because of Your grace

to me


i’m on my knees

because You have made

me be






~c. a.


4 thoughts on “ashes of a soul, take two

  1. GAHH! I love this!! I can feel the rhythm of this and what I wouldn’t give to hear it put to music. Amazing, amazing job. The rhyming, the rhythm, and the message are supurb. I wish you could find a way to post you performing this or at least post the sheet music so I could play it myself or something! *sigh*

  2. It wouldn’t sound too good on a dying-duck-sax, Megan…sorry to say…so no sheet music. *wink* Besides, if I had sheet music to it I would have a recording of it so I might as well just post the recording. Um, if it helps any, the intro, the “bridge”, the filler and the ending are all kinda based off of the same pattern which sounds really quite similar to the intro of How Deep the Father’s Love because I pretty much stole it from there even though I did make some changes.

    Anyway, glad you like it. I showed it to my dad last night and we were talking about the symbolism of “ashes of a soul” and I was realizing that it actually wasn’t that great of a metaphor if you play it out all the way. So I’ve still got to think about that. And you know what’s funny…I thought about you not liking the shortened “’cause” every time I wrote it down. My defense: it’s a song, meant to be sung, not read, therefore…it sounds better than it looks. In my most humble opinion. =)

    1. I will have you know that I played piano (very badly) for four or five years…so there.

      *tries to sing to the tune of “how great the Father’s love for us”* hehe…doesn’t quite work.

      As far as the ’cause, I agree. That’s why people can get away with singing “I ain’t nothing but a hound dog” and have it sound decent.

  3. No, no, no…it’s not the tune of How Deep the Father’s Love, it’s the intro of it. Savvy? =D I guess I could send guitar chords (which is basically what all my worship music consists of, plus melody line sometimes) but unless you play piano from a fake book (or if you play guitar) that wouldn’t help. So I guess I’ll have to try doing a video instead.

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