NP8 – A Wing and a Prayer: Chapter Eight

I am so excited!  I think I’m going to fly through the roof and hit my head on the clouds.  For once I finally got my chapter finished before the weekend, of all things!  And I’m actually pleased with how it turned out, for once…hope you all enjoy.  =D

A Wing and a Prayer: Chapter Eight

Elinor dashed around the corner at full speed, her eyes shielded from the rain by her low-slung hat and fixed on the bouncing drops on the cobblestones.  Heeled boots were not ideal footwear for running, but somehow the cold wind and the damp breaths that she drew in cleared her mind and heart of all but that one phrase: Just go on being faithful…without being told things.

Fully wrapped up in her own thoughts, she didn’t even notice the man coming toward her on the sidewalk until she had crashed into him and bowled him over.

“Oh, I’m so sorry…sir…I didn’t even see.”  Ignoring the schoolbooks scattered over the road, Elinor stretched out her hand to the man who lay in the mud.  “Please forgive me, I’m so sorry…”

He didn’t see her outstretched hand and got to his feet by himself.  “Thank you, that is quite all right.  Will you tell me which way is…”

Whatever else he might have said fell to the ground and floated away in the swirling gutter.

It can’t be.  I’m dreaming.

Elinor took a step backwards and would have fallen into the gutter herself if the man had not caught her arm.  There was no mistaking that boyish twinkle, that quiet smile.  She could feel the sting in her eyes and wished that her hat had fallen instead of her books so that the rain could disguise the tears.  But suddenly it didn’t matter anymore.  Because this man…this man was the greatest man on earth.  This man was Winston Churchill.

The end.

And for those of you who haven’t “gotten” it yet, this is not chapter eight.  It’s a spoof semi-chapter that I wrote in a desperate attempt for some inspiration for my real chapter eight.  It didn’t work.  At least not as well as my usual resort, which is music.  So basically all I’ve done is waste valuable writing time.  But at least I’ve succeeded in mildly amusing us both.  Or so I think.  Harty har har…

~c. a.


4 thoughts on “NP8 – A Wing and a Prayer: Chapter Eight

  1. Carreen thats so not funny *scowls* its still good though, because you captured the action and emotion just perfect… as always… :D

  2. *angelic smile* It was just a scribbling that I thought anybody with a sense of humor might enjoy, but I guess I was wrong…just kidding. =D

  3. harty har har…I was wondering how on earth you finished so fast. very witty…now get back to work on the real chapter 8 before your expectant readers start a riot!

  4. “Expectant readers” sounds nice…I’m working on it. Just 150 more words and a tonnage of editing to go!

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