S12 – Three Questions

As you can see, I went a little overboard on all of these.  =D  Very fun assignment, and just the thing to help me recover from the last three weeks of longish sandboxes (somebody else’s NP5, POV and speech).  =D  The movie theme portion of this assignment was actually very difficult because all the music I think would fit this movie are either already movie themes (obviously), or still locked up in my head.  I’ve thought about actually writing music to go with this story, but the odds of it being made into a movie are .000000000000000001, and the odds of the producer or director or whoever actually wanting to use my piano-only score are non-existent, so that presents a bit of a problem.  =D  In the end I went with just picking music that had the feel I was going for, even though it’s already a movie theme and not quite how I would have done it.  The credits songs gave me the same problem, and I gave them the same solution.

But the movies and books were difficult for a different reason…when you’re limited to forties-or-earlier literature or movies, the list of likely candidates becomes fairly narrow….and that isn’t always a good thing!  As you can see, the movie selection wasn’t the greatest, but the best I could do without going on a forties-movie-watching-rampage to find better ones.  The book selection was also a little difficult because while basically all my stock of literature is old-timey…I don’t know.  The books just didn’t really seem very Elinor-ish.  Oh, well.

And finally, Megan, no bashing my amateur attempt at “scoring” my story!  ;D

Sandbox Twelve

A.) Theme song (If my book were a movie…)

Movie theme:

North and South, North and South II – Very cool music, though I would have done it slightly different…still, it’s got the feel I think would fit this story.

Ethan’s theme:

Star of the County Down – Even though Ethan doesn’t really show up in the book other than in letters and Elinor’s thoughts, I’m imagining a movie scene similar to last week’s sandbox put to Star of the County Down, which is the tune that Michael Card uses in his rendition of I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say.  That’s where I first heard and loved this tune, but I also once heard it played very slowly and emotionally by a single violin at a Scottish event and it was gorgeous…I fell in love with it all over again.   With this video I’d recommend playing it without watching the video.  It’s a little too “something” to watch.


I know, I know…more songs for the credits than for the movie, and it isn’t even a movie!  But…these are songs that fit with the theme really well, even though they wouldn’t fit into the movie anywhere (since they have lyrics).  I had to include them somewhere, though, so I did them as “credits” songs.  There are so many that I would love to put on here, but they all sort of sound alike after a while.  Got any suggestions for something a little more upbeat?  =D

~Hold Me Jesus (Rich Mullins)

~Be Thou My Vision – No video for this, but you all know what it sounds like.  I’m thinking just instrumental, beginning with a single violin and building up to other instruments.

~Windows of Thy Grace (Red Mountain Music ) – looked for a video or a full-length clip, but couldn’t find any.  Sorry, but this is all you get…

~Faith Enough (Jars of Clay)

~North and South selections (Not sure who the composer is…clips above.)

~The Credits Song – ok, not really.  This is a hysterical song that “rolls” during the credits of the VeggieTales Jonah movie.  And it’s hilarious!  But not quite in keeping with the style of story I’m doing.  Too bad I couldn’t find a video…the lyrics are hilarious, though!

B.) Favorite books

Book of the Bible: Romans

Just for fun: Winnie-the-Pooh (what else? =D)

Other: The Talisman, Mother


C.) Favorite movie

Just for fun:

Christmas in Connecticut – really fun forties movie, by the way…worth looking up just for kicks!


Shadow of a Doubt – Alfred Hitchcock’s favorite out of his movies…and filmed in what I would consider my home town, which is just seven miles from the town where we actually live.  This is actually my favorite Hitchcock, too.


Prince of Foxes, Four Feathers – I’ve never seen Four Feathers, but I hear it’s really good.  Not having seen it, I can’t recommend it, however.  I saw Prince of Foxes a long time ago, and even though it was a rather long, rather boring, rather swashbuckler-y movie, it had a very interesting character development aspect to it which I thought would fit Elinor’s tastes well.  In a way she’s based off of me – cliché, basing her on me, I know – so I see her as a person who likes watching people and unearthing their characters.  There are very few forties-or-earlier films that do this well, at least that I have seen, so…Prince of Foxes it was.  Besides, it’s got Tyrone Power – what else can you ask for in a black and white?!  =D

~c. a.


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