New Working Title!!!!

Ok, so I have a story to tell you guys.  Once upon a time, I was writing chapter nine of my novel and listening to a Bebo Norman cd.  And I heard a very short song on that cd that totally blew me away.  It was The Perfect Ending Song for my novel.  Just absolutely perfect in almost every way.  If my book were a movie, this song would be the first credits song.  This is The Song that I was looking for last week when we had the music assignment.  So I went on a hunt to find a video of it that I could post at the end of my last chapter (I would post it now, but it kinda gives away the ending, that’s how perfect it is, so you’ll just have to wait).  To my dismay, it’s such a short, obscure song that apparently all the YouTube video-makers overlooked it just like I did until today.  HOWEVER…

While I was searching Bebo Norman songs, I came across one by Caedmon’s Call and since I’ve heard from reliable sources that Caedmon’s Call has some cool stuff, I decided to check it out.  Two random, “related” Caedmon’s Call videos later…bam.  It blew me away.  It’s a modern song with WWII analogies.  It fits the story so incredibly well, particularly the first verse.  The name is even a play on D-Day’s nickname, the Longest Day.  So, here are both the new semi-theme song and my new working title:  The Emptiest Day.

Ok, so the music could use some help, but the lyrics of those first verses are amazingly perfect.

~c. a.


1 thought on “New Working Title!!!!

  1. laurac1994 5.7.10 — 8:33 pm

    Eeeh, I love it! It really fits, Carreen!

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