S13 – “Snowball” Story!

This was a hilariously fun project, writing what I like to call a “snowball” story, where each person builds off of the last person’s sentences to create a story!  We should do it again sometime…  *winks*

Eve stared down at the object in her hand. She knew what she had to do. Immediately, she contacted the FBI headquarters (Ms. G).

“Hello, my name is Eve Barnes.”

The agent on the other end of the lines gave a little choke, like he had just taken a giant gulp of coffee. “Yes, Ms. Barnes?” (Amber)

“I need to talk to Agent Webb.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but Mr. Webb is unavailable at this time,” droned the voice through the static, now quite calm again.

“Sir, I am Agent Eve Barnes from the CIA, calling on urgent business — I demand to speak with Josiah Webb immediately.” (yours truly)

However, the FBI agent proved to be impossible, and persisted to babbled on about how Mr. Webb wouldn’t be back for another few hours. Slightly irritated at the situation Eve hung up and began to dial Agent Webb’s cell phone. (Josh)

She gazed beyond the rough, mottled expanse of concrete to the soft, deceptively innocent wheat fields beyond and took a deep breath. Send. The briefcase in her hand suddenly felt very heavy and she lowered it to the ground gingerly, careful not to mar its slick leather veneer on the gravely runway. (me) She put the phone against her ear and listened to it ring. Once, twice, five times it rang before a cheerful recording instructed her to leave a message.

“Where are you, Josiah?” she cried in frustration, shoving the phone into her pocket and re-examining the object in her hand, turning it over, regarding its contours, trying to understand the significance of it. (Mellers)
She waited there for what seemed like tortuous hours. Suddenly, her phone erupted in a chorus of “We Will Rock You” and she slammed it to her ear.

“Josiah, where have you been?”

The voice on the other end of the line stuttered in broken English, “Um, ma’am, your dry-cleaning, it all done.” (Amber)

“Oh.” Eve watched the remains of her half-fearful hope implode. “Thank you,” she whispered, “I’ll pick it up tomorrow.” (myself) Just then, she heard a roar behind her and turned to see a large, black suburban pulling up.

“Give it to me,” the driver demanded, gesturing to the object in her hand. When she hesitated, a gun appeared in the window, and the casual tone left his voice very, very quickly. (Megan) Involuntary calculations whipped through her mind…he would not wait longer than five seconds, tops, and with high heels she could make it across the airstrip to the nearest wheat harvester in six. Eve tried to peer through the windows, but they were so darkly tinted that she could not see if there was anyone else in the car.

Well, here goes nothing...she kicked off her shoes and sprinted across the runway, ducking behind the big, beautiful, harvesting hulk as she drew her slim grey Beretta. (I) Eve rested her left arm on the cool metal side of the machinery, while making an attempt to steady her right hand. With the keen eyes of a secret agent, Eve scanned the area in front of her for the dark and ominous vehicle. Just as she caught sight of it, however, a fleet hand reached out from behind and clamped itself strongly over her mouth.

“Don’t move.” (Laura)

Despite her captor’s admonition, Eve squirmed beneath the tight grip.

“Like I said, settle down already! You’re blowing our cover!” The hand loosened slightly, and she immediately spun around. Irritation flooded across her features when she saw who had really “captured” her. (Amber)

“Josiah Webb! I’ve been trying to contact you!” she admonished with as much fury as could be expressed in a whisper. Josiah flashed an artificially whitened grin and ran a hand through his thickly gelled hair.

“Never fear, babe–I’m here now!” (nageM) The object in her hand squirmed and squealed.

Eve stuffed it into her bag and addressed the other agent, “So the old windbag’s at it again.”

Josiah poked his head around the corner and was greeted by a shot at the head, “Boy, he’s a desperate man… but the runt’s safe?” (Hilary)

“For now,” she answered, worry starting to show in her voice. “I guess we’ll just have to make sure it stays safe then, huh?”

“Easier said than done.” (Josh)

Eve nodded, eyed Josiah with stern seriousness, and then felt the smallest trace of an exasperated smile steal its way onto her face. “So is learning to always answer your cell phone, Mr. Detective. This is important.” She paused to let her words sink in. “Now, can we get ourselves out of here, please?” (Laura)

“I’m game. What…” he glanced down at her bare feet for the first time. “What happened to your shoes?”

“I had a meeting with the President today,” explained Eve impatiently, “and I had to wear heels. But they aren’t so great for running in, so I left them behind when I had to run for cover since you didn’t show up.” (yours truly again)

“Oh.” Silence invaded the tarmac for a moment. Eve rolled her eyes. Obviously an apology of any shape or size was not on its way. He’s just a cocky agent dude, after all.

“C’mon, let’s get out of here.” (Amber) The two agents took a quick look back at the suburban before making the dash to better cover. As they ran Eve looked back and saw an Indian man step out of the car. His expression said “If you want something done right you just have to do it yourself.” (Eric) Eve shoved the bag at Josiah.

“I can’t run as fast, keep him safe.” Josiah took her bag, but looked back before leaving. (Ally) Eve spun to face the Indian man. Her muscles tensed and her pulse quickened as she stared into the face of one of the most powerful crime lords of India. “How are you liking America, Mr. Parshath?” she asked in a well-practiced calm voice.(Alex)

“Well, besides you Americans stealing my buddha, I like America very much,” The man said with a thick Indian accent.

“Oh, yes, that, well you’d better go chase the other guy. I don’t have it now,” Eve said.

“Why should I chase him when I can just take you for ransom?” He said as he raised a handgun and pointed it straight at Eve (Micah).  She stared straight into the despicable metal object, and then at the human face which glared at her from behind it.  “You don’t want to do that, you know,” she said, trying to appear as calm as was physically possible.  Then a gun report shattered the stillness.  (Laura) Eve launched into a somersault towards the man as soon as she saw the his finger twitch to fire. The bullet skittered off the concrete behind her as she leaped out of her roll and brought her fist down on the end of the Indian’s gun. His eyes widened. (Alex)

“You can sit down if you put your hands behind your head, Mr. Parshath, and I would advise you to begin thinking over your defense,” Eve said, smiling grimly through the iron sights of her Beretta as he whimpered and the Glock spun out of his hand. Convinced of his complete compliance, Eve ventured a quick visual sweep of the deserted airstrip and waving wheat fields. Josiah, I said I’d handle him until you got away with the package, but I can’t keep him here forever — his men will be here soo–(c. a.)

“Hey!  I see you’ve got him!”  Eve nearly jumped out her skin.  Whirling around, she saw Josiah standing with a innocent smirk in his eyes and the coveted little bag held in his hands.  “You!”  But she was too agitated to reprove him farther.  (Laura)

“Well, who’d you expect? The muffin man?! C’mon, let’s put this guy where he belongs before his goonies come for him.” Together they tied his hands behind him and hauled him to his feet. (Amber) He struggled a bit but Josiah shoved him into the back seat of his own car, and they got into the front seat.

“Wow… that was like the first bit of timeliness I’ve witnessed from you,” Eve said as they drove off the runway.

“Honey,” Josiah said condescendingly, “you’ve handled this whole thing pretty well for a new agent, but I knew exactly what I was doing every step of the way.” (Lindsey)

Eve snorted and looked out the window. This dude is insufferable. But, he was her superior in everything but tact and likability. They drove in silence for a while, broken only by the occasional grunt from the backseat prisoner. (Amber)

Before dozing off in the passenger seat, Josiah lazily said, “We didn’t do too bad today, now, did we, Ms. Barnes?”

Contemplating another such approaching day and more, Eve groaned inwardly.  But she smiled on the outside.  “No.”  (Laura)

An hour later, Eve slid the gear shift into park at the rendezvous point – a seedy motel just outside of town. There was a black sedan parked on the other side of the lot and she recognized the driver. Secret Agent X was waiting. (Amber) She ran towards the vehicle and hugged the driver’s neck. “Sissy, it’s good to see you. Thanks for coming.” (Ms. G)


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