Roses, Rings…and Hydrangea Buds?

I had so much fun with the Roses, Rings and Rusty Nails post that yesterday I ran outside for an impromptu “shoot”.  Side note: somehow Roses, Rings and Hydrangea Buds doesn’t sound quite as cool as Roses, Rings and Rusty Nails, but that’s ok.  I think I like these pictures better than the last post, so perhaps quality will make up for a lack-luster blog post title.  =D

Back to the issue at hand.  Here are some of the cooler shots from yesterday, in my opinion.  The second one turned out way different than I expected or intended, but I really like the cool (color temperature, not awesomeness level) blue-gray tones in it.  And even though I started out not liking it so much, I think it’s my favorite of the day!

And, since this is a rambly post anyway, and since the word “gray” reminded me…I’ve been thinking a lot about the phrase “gray matter” these days.  Strange, I know, but fellow “poets” will know what I mean.  You see, my mom said “gray matter” a few days ago by accident (she was meaning to say something else, I forget what), and it got me thinking.  Surely there is a bit of poetry to be got out of the phrase?  Does gray matter?  If so, does gray matter more than black or white matters?  Does the shade have anything to do with it?  For instance, “shades of gray matter”…I haven’t come up with anything yet.  But I’m thinking that if I give it a few weeks, I might have a nice bit of gray poetry.  Not that it matters…



~c. a.


1 thought on “Roses, Rings…and Hydrangea Buds?

  1. Heyy…sorry I haven’t had time to comment on these earlier. Life and all, you know. These are really great,by the way, as are those in your earlier post with the roses. The first two in this set are my favorite. There is something kind of rich-looking and mysterious about them. Great setting ideas! The last one, on the h-buds, is interesting, but a little like “huh?” hehe…All great though. Looks like you had a lot of fun with these and you got really creative.

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