*chants* We Are Number One! We Are Number One!

Ok, so here it is.  As set in stone as editable blog posts get.  Thanks for the help with narrowing down the “best quote”(ASHUN) selection, Megan.  I appreciate it!  Now on to business.  First of all, please help me chant…

“We are number one!  We are number one!”

Notice the “we”…that’s because a.) we are the first CW class, therefore number one and b.) there will never be a CW class as awesome as this one, therefore…we are number one.  =D  This post in particular is, of course, all about self-advertising, but…collectively, we’re still number one, no matter who wins what.  Ok, so that sounds cheesy.  But it’s true.  =D

Title:  The Emptiest Day (to read the story of this title, click here)

Lead Female Character: Elinor Poole (I’d put in a brief description but I figure if you haven’t been reading the story then it’s kinda pointless ’cause you don’t know the character, and if you have been reading, then you’ll know the character already.  Vote for Elinor anyway!  =D)

Lead Male Character: n/a

Supporting Female Character: Rosamund Poole, Elinor’s mother

Supporting Male Character: Derek Poole, Elinor’s brother

Setting: WWII…1941-1942…a tiny coastal village in England called Winchelsea

Best Quote(ASHUN):

~For a moment it felt as though the bottom had dropped out of her heart and scattered its contents all over the faded rug.

~The bomb that knocked six jars of applesauce off the shelf landed in her soul and she was angry — righteously, irrationally, and completely.

Opening Line:

A soft autumn wind played tag with the vibrant leaves mounded on the sidewalks, carrying just enough chill to make Elinor button her jacket more securely.

(I’m momentarily absconding from my self-advocation to say…if you vote for my opening line I will personally come and hit you over the head with a baseball bat.  That’s one of the first things I’m going to edit into nothingness when I sit down to edit this summer.  Go vote for someone with a cool opening line.  There.  Now back to my own personal, look-out-for-number-one sorta stuff.)

Best Literary Device:

~His hands wrapped around hers.  They were so big, Daddy’s hands.  And then she felt the knobs of her shoelaces beneath her bare toes and they danced across the shimmering sea until bedtime. (flashback)

~A tear slipped into the dirt and glittered there like the dream she held so close.  Elinor watched it slowly melt into the earth until all that was left was a dark, damp reminder of love.  And then she buried it with the peas.  (allegory)

~Staring up at the shadowed ceiling that night, Elinor was dry-eyed and wide awake with a thousand thoughts spinning in worn circles in her head.  But when she tried to open them she found nothing inside.  They were all alike.  Just empty questions with no beginnings and no ends—and no answers.

(I’ve never heard of this in a literary device list, or if I have I don’t remember…it’s a little something that I learned from Megan that I like to call inside-out personification.  It’s like…taking something abstract and pretending that it’s tangible.  You’ll find the same sort of thing in my nominations for Best Quote.)

Best Comedy/Comedic Moment:

(Well, I don’t really have a whole lot of comedy in my story, so I’ll post an accidentally funny bit.  I meant to say that dinner was in the oven but it came out sounding like the bunny was.  Oops.  Why should you vote for me when you have so many other hilarious moments, written by so many other hilarious authors to choose from?  Because…um…oh, I know!  Mine is like CW in action.  You can all relate to it, I’m sure of it.  I mean…it’s the result of “a day in the life of a CW student.”)

“Mummy wants to know if you’ve started supper yet?  ‘Cause Derek’s going to be home in just a few minutes, and – oh, what happened to my bunny?”  Polly went to the bed where the rabbit perched haphazardly on his side and tenderly cuddled him in her arms.

Swallowing hard, Elinor nodded.  “It’s in the oven.  Tell Mum I’ll be right down.”

Best Drama/Dramatic Moment:

A thousand years of time whispered around them.  And not a single moment passed by.

(This one…you really do have to see this “dramatic moment” in context to get the whole thing.  Click here.)

Best Mystery/Suspenseful Moment:

It was a woman’s voice, femininely low and brutally calm.  It droned on and on relentlessly – too many words, too little information, twisting around her soul like barbed wire.  Elinor wrapped her fingers tightly around the telephone, desperate to feel something, anything besides this void.  Even if it were only the smooth plastic in her hand.

(I don’t really have a whole lot of suspense in my story, and the bits that I do have aren’t particularly cool.  So I’m nominating a more subtle suspenseful moment from the beginning of chapter ten…it was a ploy of mine to keep the “is Ethan dead?” question in my reader’s mind a little longer.  Don’t know if it worked but…)

Best Historical Fiction:

(Not quite sure what I’m supposed to write here except that I have an historical fiction, I used proper grammar in referring to its historicalness, and you should vote for me!  Qualifications are as follows: I tried my best to include the little subtleties of living on “the home front” during WWII, little things like rationing, training school-children to put on gas masks, etc.  I also did a lot of research to make sure that the events of my story and the events of WWII lined up correctly, right down the the year that the draft age was lowered to eighteen and the approx. time and place that British troops would have been active in North Africa.)

Best Fantasy/Sci-fi: n/a

Most Likely to Publish: n/a

Best Illustrator:

(I didn’t really illustrate my story because…I don’t know.  It just seemed a little cheesy for my story in particular.  Since I mostly relied on separate photography posts to give my blog color, I think the only chapter I “illustrated” was chapter nine, and not really even then.  So instead, I will turn traitor to myself and lobby your support for those amazing people who actually went and drew pictures for their novels!  And, if you are one of those amazing people, please know that you have the deepest respect of a girl who can barely draw a decent stick figure.)

~c. a.


2 thoughts on “*chants* We Are Number One! We Are Number One!

  1. *votes for Carreen’s opening sentence just to see what happens*

    1. *shouts* “My name is C. A.! How do you do! Now you gonna die!” c. a. doesn’t work as well as sue, but it’ll do the job…=D

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