I guess I’ll join the club…

My sister assures me that I really do need to put up a picture of Elinor Poole, my main character, and I am tempted to agree with her because I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone else’s character pictures so much.

Now…before you all get on me.  I promise that I did not base Elinor Poole’s character on Elinor Dashwood (from Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility).  Really, truly, I didn’t.  This is the way it happened…I had my main character’s character in mind and was looking up British baby names (baby name websites are the absolute best place to look for character names…origins, meanings, popularity, all included!) so that I could, well, name her.  When I saw the name Eleanor, I thought that it seemed to fit, only I liked Austen’s spelling better.  So both the name and the picture seemed to fit because Elinor Dashwood and my main character shared characteristics already, not because I was basing my character on Elinor Dashwood.  Does any of that make any sense?  You know, it really makes me wonder why I’m even posting a picture if I have to write a paragraph-length disclaimer…but here it is, anyway.

And by the way…this version of S&S was really quite good.  Colonel Brandon was poifectly cast, in my non-expert opinion, even though I still think he ended up with the wrong girl.  :)

Last but not least…don’t forget to check out my Academy Awards self-nominations here!

~c. a.


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