A Celebration!

This, my happy blogging friends, is my one-hundredth blog post on Scribbling in the Sand. And how better to celebrate my hundredth blog post than with some awards?

The very first annual Creative Writing Academy Awards were, as many people have said before me, epic!  First, congratulations to everyone, because everyone did such a wonderful job this year.  Certainly everyone deserves the Best Guinea Pig Class Award.  Remember, no matter how great CW becomes, it will never be as great as this year!



Congratulations also to everyone who won awards of a more particular nature.  You totally deserved them…wonderful job!  And finally, thank you to everyone who voted for me.  You really did blow me away with unexpected votes!  It sounds cliche, but sometimes — the truth sounds cliche.


This one I was so, so not expecting…but I’ll take it!


And as for Best Quote.  Well, I’ll admit, this is the one I wanted the most, because I knew it would be a real honor to win among so many amazing entries.  And I’ll also admit that I don’t think I deserve it.  Like I said…so many amazing entries — it truly was an honor to win this!


Best Historical Fiction was a complete and utter surprise.  Like I said in class, I really did think Hilary or Laura or Lindsey would take the cake on this one because really…theirs are amazing!  Besides the fact that they are so much more historical fiction-ish.  The history is more of a setting for my story instead of the genre.  I’m just glad y’all like it!


Thanks again, guys!  I can’t tell you how honored I am to have gotten your votes!

~c. a.


3 thoughts on “A Celebration!

  1. Janis Gaines 5.25.10 — 10:11 pm

    The pics look great – very fun! Congratulations!

  2. *hoots, hollers, and otherwise causes a ruckus cheering for her happy blog buddy’s well-earned awards*

    ((I will come and comment on chapter 11 soon, I promise…I just have to *finish* my chapter 11 first))

  3. laurac1994 5.27.10 — 4:21 pm

    your awards were well deserved-nice job!

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