S16 – top three?

Well, being the busy, efficient, on-top-of-it sort of person that c. a.s generally are (translated: because I’m leaving the day after tomorrow and getting frazzled because of un-turned-in-assignments), I already turned in my S16.  Howsomever — “howsomever”, by the way,  is a very useful sort of word in that no one is quite sure what it means…therefore it can stand in for howsomever anything — howsomever, as I was saying, I thought: why not punch it up a little…you know, make it into a sort of a votey election-type thing and ask, “what do YOU think my three best CWs are?”  Call me Curious George.  Curious Georgette, if you will.  Because I’m curious…what will you come up with?  And then, when you’ve told me, I’ll tell you what I think.  Maybe.

~c. a.

p. s. And of course, the irony of this all is that I won’t even be able to see your votes for three weeks…but oh, well.  Hope you have fun without me.


2 thoughts on “S16 – top three?

  1. I cast votes for your “Winnie-ther-Pooh” poem and your “Never Trust a Taxi” story. Although it is interesting, looking back at your CW pieces, how much your writing has matured since then. I mean, it wasn’t ever “immature”–I have always enjoyed it–but I think your novel project (especially the second half) is on a whole new level.

  2. Hehe, how did I know that Winnie-ther-Pooh just might make it on your list? I ended up doing that one, the no e assignment and then I cheated on the last one because I couldn’t think of any others that were particularly good so I said either hospital terms or Rudyard Kipling. =)

    You’ve said many times that with the novel project you’ve been able to see my writing mature…I’m curious, when did you start noticing a switch from just another story to starting to be able to tell it was *my* story?

    It’s funny, I know I’ve got a ton of work ahead of me…not on the novel project, although I do have a ton of work on that, too, because a friend hijacked it for her e-zine and it’s due out in the fall and I’ve gotta get it shaped up and have my parents read it and such before then…aaaah! But with writing in general, I feel like this class opened up something new for me. Even though I’ve always loved to write, it’s like I’m just now starting to find my groove and I’m a little bit scared that since the class is over I will lose it without a steady stream of deadlines. I’m thinking about taking some online college classes to keep myself in tune, but still…

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