To be going on with…

Let me tell you, these roses were absolutely gorgeous, and the smell…wow.  Out of this world.  So I thought I’d share the flowers (not the fragrance, sorry) with you, just to “be going on with.”  To tide you over until I’m back…not that you’ll miss me a whole lot anyway, it being summer and all.  =)  Enjoy your June!

Oh, and I might add…the pic is unedited except possibly for cropping but I don’t remember…I don’t think I cropped.

~c. a.

[Edit: It just hit me today as I was running around the house crazy trying to get things packed up…I’m really, truly, horribly going to be WITHOUT a piano for TWO AND A HALF WEEKS!  How am I going to stand it?  Oh well.  I guess Grand Tetons and Alamos and such will make up for the deprivation…=)  I was kidding, by the way.  I think.]


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