Pictures! Yay!

Eleven hundred pictures richer, I’m back from my trip.  I haven’t even gotten to editing yet, but I thought I’d stop and post some of my very favorites from the past three weeks.  The funny thing is, they aren’t of anything terribly spectacular…not even of anything I couldn’t find in California.  We stopped for dinner on the side of the road in New Mexico and I spotted this very humble barbed-wire fence in the beautiful setting sunlight.  When I focused in on the barbs, the rest of the wire turned into these gorgeous disks of golden light, which I thought was way cool.  Maybe they aren’t the best pictures in the world, but the effect was really neat.





That last one was a bit blurry and at first I was disappointed.  But I really like it better that way, now.  It isn’t quite wall-worthy, but I think it looks a little like a cd cover…you know, sort of abstract and soft and peaceful, meant to be a backdrop to words, not the focus itself.  Lately I’ve been into cd covers.  The photography can be really interesting…a whole different style than regular portraits or whatnot.  And they make really good reading material, if you get the ones from really good albums.  I took five on our trip and read them like poetry: Jars of Clay, Smalltown Poets, Chris Rice.  I got laughed at and I enjoyed every minute of it.  =)

~c. a.


1 thought on “Pictures! Yay!

  1. These are really great. I am proud of your barbed-wire prowess! I love the lighting and the last one really does look like an album cover!

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