More than just beginnings this time…

Well, I’ve realized that I’ve been posting just beginnings of poems for some time.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted any endings.  That’s because all I have right now are lots of beginnings…which are exciting but not the most satisfactory.  So I buckled down and turned one beginning into a middling.  There’s one part — I’m sure you’ll know which I mean — that doesn’t seem quite there, but I can’t just not have it.  So it’s not beginning, and it’s not ending, therefore it must be middling. =)  Got any suggestions for poor little Fourth “Stanza” (the one with Mercy washing the stains out)?  In case it isn’t apparent, which it probably isn’t, I’m trying to do something along the lines of “His mercies are new every morning” by taking it in contrast to the night before and the previous day.  But right now it seems like it’s switching tone on me right there…argh.

Spilled my cup of midnight

as I was on my way to bed

Tripped over the golden calf

I thought I’d put away


I splashed a starless darkness

all over my clean white day

Well, it had a stain or two anyway

a red one from the wine,

a streak of soot from the fireplace…

I tried to burn my shame.

And now there’s black running down the front

Of my dirty, ruined day

Broken hearts and broken glass

all over this broken life

but breaking morning breaks the spell and I can feel

Mercy fall

Spilled my cup of midnight

on my way to bed

but Mercy washed the stains all out

and gave me a clean new day

so I bounce out of bed

avoiding the fire

and get on my knees in the dim

Never thought that someday I’d ask Him

Empty out my midnight…

Replace it with the stars.

~c. a.


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