iheartfaces photo challenge

I know you’ve all already seen this picture, but I’m re-posting for a contest over at:

iheartfaces is one of my favorite photography blogs.  I’ve never entered a photo challenge before, but this week it was a “teens only” challenge and I thought I’d give it a shot!  There weren’t any guidelines other than that there had to be a human face in it.  That threw me for a loop since I don’t like posting recognizable pictures of people online.  Then I remembered this one.  Bingo!

And that’s that.

~c. a.


1 thought on “iheartfaces photo challenge

  1. Wa’ll Howdy Maam!Wa’ll I gotta tell ya pardner: them there are some of the coolest pics I evr layd an eyeball onta!!!
    Turn that pic of the rail/post fence in reverse and print it. Might eb’n be a ‘wallhanger’ Or just ignore this old Texan’s jabberwalky and do yer own thing. You are super! An’ I ain’t eb’n prejidous. HA

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