Middlings #2

Cup of Midnight is coming along nicely…I’ve got music for just about all of it — just working on smoothing out the bumps — and I’m really quite pleased with how it’s turning out.  Here’s the updated, I-think-but-am-not-sure-that-this-is-how-I’m-going-to-leave-this version.  Hope you enjoy, and please, please…let me know if you have suggestions.  Oh yes, and please remember that this is meant to be a song not a poem.  If I was going to leave it as a poem I’d probably format it a little differently.  =)  Musically speaking, it’s in the key of D (I’ve tried, but I can’t for the life of me “write” anything in a key other than D or B minor…so I have to write it and then transpose it if I want it in a different key…argh) and it’s sort of soft and flowing through the whole thing.  Some rolled chords; lots of suspended chords or +2 chords or this other chord that I’m not sure what it is.  Maybe one of you people who’s actually good at this sort of thing could tell me.  It’s made up of a D octave in the lh and an A, C#, and a D in the right hand, and I roll it.  ?   I’m also considering adding this big, grand, soundtrackish victory anthem type segment after “Mercy granted me a clean new day” and then very quickly bringing it down soft and low again for the “Eternity starts…now”.  (And for any of you who were paying attention, you probably recognize that line from a different poem I did — I don’t know.  The music I had dinked around for that line sounded pretty cool with the music I’d dinked around for the song, plus it seemed to fit, plus it gave me a note pattern I could use again for “replace it with the stars” to make it all more cohesive…so.  Yeah.)

Spilled my cup of midnight

on my way to bed

Tripped over the golden calf

I thought I’d put away


I splashed a starless darkness

all over my white day

Spilled my cup of midnight

I’m too ashamed to say

Well, it had a stain or two anyway

a red one from the wine,

a streak of soot from the fireplace…

I tried to burn my shame.

And now there’s black running down the front

Of my dirty, ruined day

Spilled my cup of midnight

I’m too ashamed to say

Broken hearts and broken glass

all over this broken life

but breaking morning breaks the spell and I can hear

Mercy fall


Spilled my cup of midnight

on my way to bed

but while I slept, Mercy washed the stains away

but while I slept, Mercy granted me a clean new day

Eternity starts…now.

So I get up now

avoid the fire

get on my knees in the dim

Never thought that someday I’d be asking Him

Empty out my midnight…(repeat x2)

Replace it with the stars.

~c. a.


3 thoughts on “Middlings #2

  1. I found your blog through one of your comments on Lydia’s website and have enjoyed reading your latest posts!

    As far as your “mystery” chord, it sounds like you have a D major 7th chord. This chord is typically found in jazz music, and it can create a spacey, floating feeling. In the key of D major, the C# is a tone that naturally wants to move to the tonic (D), so the fact that your rolled chord has a D as the last note, gives the chord a sense of completeness.

  2. Julia, thanks so much for stopping by! I don’t know if you remember me, but we met briefly at your sister Elizabeth’s graduation, and then again at Peter and Melody’s wedding. It’s very fun to hear from you again. =) Thank you especially for taking the time to help me out with my “mystery” chord! I rather suspected it was a Dmaj7 because of the C#, but I wasn’t sure since I wasn’t playing the F# to make it a full chord. The other one I thought it might be was an Asus, but that seemed less likely because I went from C# to D instead of resolving a D with a C#.

  3. Yes, I do remember meeting you and your sweet family. I get to hear about y’all once in awhile from the Schillings or Youngs!

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