Snapshots of summer…

Here are a few shots from summer!  A few are from our epic journey across America which I already posted, but which I consider some of my better pictures of the summer, and some are just life.  Hope you enjoy!

I was quite proud of myself when this one was all cropped and edited…the color, composition and contrast all turned out surprisingly well.  Or so I think.

We got some really pretty eggs from friends who raise chickens, and I thought I’d try my hand at a vintagey still life.  Everything (except the eggs, of course) are vintage: egg basket, linens, milk-glass bowl, and, I hope, editing.  I’m still learning to use our editing system, bare-bones as it is, to the fullest extent.  One of the fun ways I’ve been able to do that is to lower the saturation a little and add a yellow-orange shade to make the photo look slightly antiqued.  Fun stuff.

Orange is my new favorite color.  Not that it trumps my all-time favorite color, green, but it is right up there.  Orange with hints of reddish-pink…delicious!  So when my friend brought me some gerbera daisies in my New Favorite Color, I was very excited and spent half an hour by the window trying to use the manual focus to get a picture of that color.  Didn’t turn out all that bad after editing!

And here’s my just for fun picture!  Just so you know how incredibly amateur I am at this photography business, let me tell a tale on myself.  Once upon a time, I was sightseeing with my family at this Culinary Institute of America at Greystone and I was trying to go out on a limb and experiment with the F-stops on my camera — which is something that I usually stay away from.  But the lighting was dim and I thought, oh, it’ll be easy…I’ll just open up my aperture using the Av setting and not even worry about shutter speed.  Well.  I turned the dial the wrong direction, having clean forgotten which way I was supposed to turn it, and the end result was that the shutter stayed open for a good…I don’t know.  Fifteen seconds.  Once I realized what was happening and that there was no way I was going to hold the camera still enough for that long to get a good picture anyway, I decided to just go along with it and I took my camera and swirled it around and around all the blue, red and yellow lights.  And that’s what I got!  I could call it modern art.  I could say it was a picture of the virgin Mary and sell it on Ebay.  Or I could call it what it is — a fluke that turned out fun.  I think I’ll be doing the latter.  =)

Hopefully I’ll be posting some new poetry and (possibly) news on a big, rather exciting project soon!

~c. a.


2 thoughts on “Snapshots of summer…

  1. Hey Carreen!
    These look terrific! :)Is the last image the one you told me about? I love it! Very cool! Hope you’re doing well! Oh, and btw, one way that I like to vintage-afy my pictures is to simply adjust the colors in color balance :) Also I find it helps to begin with extreme adjustments, then pull them back :) Vintage pictures are so much fun!


  2. Hi Liz! Yes, that last image is the one I told you about at the wedding…the most embarrassing thing is that that wasn’t the last time it happened. Oops. =)

    Thanks for the tips! I like to see what it looks like with very extreme adjustments too and then back it up until it looks right. The color balance…I think but am not sure that is what I’m doing. The editing thing I have lets you adjust color amount, hue, and saturation (along with contrast, brightness and other non-color-affecting things). When I’m trying to vintage-ify (I love that word by the way…kind of like the word my sis and I came up with when we mean “to make casual”…”cashify”), I usually lower saturation slightly, adjust hue to orangey-yellow, and raise amount a tad to control the amount of hue it adds. Fun stuff…

    It was so much fun getting to talk to you for a little while at the wedding! The only two other times I’ve seen you either you’ve been busy (at the graduation) or I’ve been busy (Melody’s wedding). I really enjoyed getting to hang out a bit…play a little Go Fish…good times. =)

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