Some poetry and some big news!

I posted “beginnings” of this poem/soon-to-be-song some time ago.  Now I’m here to post — well, not “endings”, because, of course, a poem is never really finished.  But I think it’s finally to the point where you could call it a decent Scribbling.  =)  I’m very excited about it because it was like…there were so many facets of symbolism and threads of thought in it and then every time I sat down to type some more there was another just waiting for me to clean it off and bring it out.

So After All, Eternity

so pain stains the windows and tears smear the pane

and we sit here and wonder if weather will ever

blow this old house down again

and you tip back your chair and you say to the wind

a pot of gold is the end of the rainbow

so what is at the beginning?

is there beginning? thought this was the end

you’ve said it before and i’ll say it again

but this house is not gold

after all

i don’t know

if the nails will hold

after all

after All.

so pain stains the windows and tears smear the pane

and we sit here and wonder if weather will ever

blow this old house down again

and you take my hand and we follow the rainbow

from end to beginning to see

the beauty began before i ran yet after He came for me

before the tears and  after the love

after nails of iron dripped with blood

and Promise bowed down from the heavens to cry

there is beginning, this isn’t the end

it’s stormed before, it will storm again

because that house is not gold

after all

but I Know

These Nails will hold

for Eternity

after All.

As I said, it’s not finished yet, but it’s halfway finished…finished enough to be called a Scribbling.  And now for the big news — I’m going to tackle another novel next semester!  Yes, really!  I will be working on my own this time, without the assistance of my WONDERFUL creative writing teacher, Ms. Gaines (though I hope you will be able to stop by now and then, Ms. G!) and my equally wonderful creative writing classmates.  But I’m going for it anyway.  I’ll post more info as it gets closer to next semester, but for now I’ll just tell you the title.  It is called Foolish and the Weak. (Megan, if you’re reading this, let me just say that it has nothing to do with Dave and the Giant Pickle or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or whatever other thing you might have likened it to).  So…drop by next semester if you’d like to read along…I would love to get feedback (did I mention I wouldn’t mind feedback?).

~c. a.


4 thoughts on “Some poetry and some big news!

  1. Oh cool? You’re a TPSer? How neat! I’m one too! :-D I had Ms. Gaines for English 3 a couple years ago. :-) I’m taking Early American Lit, and Photography this year! :-)


  2. Hello Sonja, thanks for dropping by!

    How fun to run into another TPSer! Actually, I guess now I’m officially a TPS alumni, which is kind of sad — I’ll definitely miss it after being with them for four years. Last year I took Creative Writing with Ms. Gaines and we all started blogs in order to be able to comment more efficiently on each others’ work. Some of us still keep up our blogs now and then to share some creative writing and get feedback, so that’s why I’m still posting here. If you get a chance to take CW, I highly recommend it! It was a really amazing class — Ms. Gaines is great as I’m sure you know, and the whole experience was awesome (we even got to write our own short novels!).

    Thanks again for stopping by!

    c. a.

  3. See you on Sunday?

    1. Yes, Lord willing! We’re excited about it. It’s kind of funny that we only see your family and the Schillings at weddings…=)

      Will you be doing photography for Jordan and Becky?

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