Happy New Year!

I haven’t been on here in a while and I thought it would be fun to do a throwback to one of our CW assignments.  Only this time, instead of choosing ten songs to represent my life, I’ve chosen a few to commemorate my 2010.  Hope you enjoy browsing, and Lord willing I’ll be back soon with more one my next novel project!

Borrow Mine by Bebo Norman

If You’ll Let Me Love You by Smalltown Poets

These songs I picked for rather obvious reasons…this year in particular God has really drawn my family together.  Not with one big, all-encompassing experience, but by testing each member of our family in different, relatively little ways.  We’ve always been a very close-knit family, but I guess what’s different about this year is that we’re now a family of adults (or basically adults) and being close looks so different than when we were young.  It’s harder in many aspects, and sweeter because of it.  It’s cool.  (Just for the record, we still act like kids a lot of the time!)


24 by Switchfoot

Yes, Josh, I know.  This is the song that would always get stuck in my head whenever you mentioned 24 last year.  Just hold your horses and let me ‘splain.  Because I’m too busy, computer-inept, or lazy to update my MP3 player, I’ve been scrounging my playlists for music to listen to when I go running which means…I listen to music I didn’t think I liked.  And guess what?  This is a really amazing song!  I picked it because this last year has showed me that every hour, every minute – every second – is a new reminder of how weak I truly am.  How strong He is.  And how every hour, minute, second, I am being renewed, refined, sanctified.  “I’m not who I thought I was 24 hours ago…I am the second man now.”  Thank God for that!

When Love Takes You In by Steven Curtis Chapman

Adoption has been something I’ve always been interested in, but in a detached sort of way.  It’s a good thing, of course, but I never had any interaction with it.  This past year, however, it’s been on my heart a lot with different things going on in my own family.  Also, the family of one of my closest friends just adopted a little girl and I got to walk with my “sister” as that all worked out.  I’ve come to view it as far more than just a “plan b” for growing a family.  It is a beautiful illustration of the perfect, unconditional love of the gospel and I would be proud and blessed if, someday when I have a family of my own, God allowed us to adopt children.  So…yeah.  Kind of a weird thing say but there you go.


There is Only You by Smalltown Poets

It’s true…there is only Him.  But it’s so easy to forget and this year in particular it’s been a real struggle for me to keep my eyes focused on my Savior rather than all the golden calves I’ve made for myself.


Everything by Michael Buble

This is just for fun, because this year I discovered that my musical horizons are widening and I actually really love the big band/jazzy/swingy style!  Woot!


c. a.


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