I Heart Faces Challenge: Pets

This week’s challenge at iheartfaces is Pets! Our backyard being the size of a postage stamp, we don’t have a dog.  We have a bunny.  That thinks he’s a dog.  He scratches at the door when he wants to come inside, he gets cuddly when we’re about to leave on a trip, and he comes hippety-hopping when you call him.  Just like this:

p. s. I’ve recently begun shooting in RAW but when I convert to jpeg to post on my blog it comes out much blurrier than it actually is.  Any tips?

p. p. s.  This is a last-ditch effort to get the Linky to work because I can’t get it to upload from my stored files.  See how very tech savvy I am?  =)  This is not a part of my entry, just my thumbnail.

~c. a.


5 thoughts on “I Heart Faces Challenge: Pets

  1. What a cute bunny! Love that you caught him in midair. I’m not sure why you picture would appear blurry after converting to jpeg. Are you decreasing the quality? Also, make sure both are sRGB and not Adobe RGB.

  2. GAAH IT IS SO CUTE!!! I WANT A BUNNY!! :DD Really great picture.
    Also, when are you gonna post more chapters of your story? :P

    1. Lol. He’s a pretty cute furball, I’ll admit.

      Chapters of my story…what story…? Oh, you mean that story! Yes. Of course. Ahem. I’ll post more when I’ve written more, and I’ll write more when I have time, and I’ll have time when…um, I’m not exactly sure. Hopefully soon. This month has been crazy busy and on top of that I’m starting college from home next month and…here’s the bombshell…our family is adopting! So. Brian and Jenn are rather low on the priority list at the moment, but I really do intend to get to them as soon as possible. Promise. =) Maybe, now that I know they’re missed by folks other than me, I’ll resurrect them.

      1. Hmpf…I suppose starting college and adopting are semi-acceptable excuses for some business…
        But in all serious congrats on the adopting thing! that is a big deal and super cool!
        I have a new blog that i am going to try and update fairly regularly if you are interested…((you can even see my face on it, cause its videoblogging…a TPS first!)) :P

  3. Thanks…I’m so excited about adopting, too. It’s something I’ve always wanted to be a part of but I never thought it would be an option for our family…but now it not only is an option, but Lord willing it will soon be a reality! (soon meaning…like…at least nine months. they call it a “paper pregnancy”.)

    I’ll definitely try to check out your blog…already looked around a little but I’m looking forward to actually, you know, reading and listening to more than just the intro. =) Because I agree, blogs should have something to say and I don’t mean things like what time I got up this morning or how much I enjoyed my pastrami sandwich for lunch. You obviously have a lot to offer and I’m glad you’ve found a forum to do it!

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