I don’t normally like to blog about happenings in the life of c. a. except as they directly relate to my work here.  This is a blog with a purpose.  It’s for creative scribblings, attempts at something like photography, and a forum for constructive feedback.

But I’m breaking my rule tonight.

This is a personal post.

Because it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the reasons why c. a. went awol approximately two months ago, taking Brian, Jenn, and the rest of the Tracy family with her! (Not including the very inadequate, useful, and over-fondled excuse of my very inadequate, useful, and over-stuffed day planner*, even though that is playing a huge role in c. a.’s absence as well.)  Megan already had this moment some time ago, but since I’m assuming not everyone read the comments on my last post, I figure I should probably make it official.

Two things.  *drum roll, please*

Thing Two (because Thing One is far more important than Thing Two, hence it is called Thing One, and because Thing One is far more exciting than Thing Two, hence I am saving it for last):  I’m heading into two years of study, CLEPs, Dantes, and more CLEPs in quest of my BA in English.  That, having a tangible deadline, is taking up more of my brain cells at the moment than my already-dragging story.

Thing One: Our family is adopting!  Which is extremely exciting and slightly scary.  We are so looking forward to having babies and toddlers in the house once more, and again, just at the moment, my tangible soon-to-be-expanded-family is taking up more of my time and energy than my fictional Tracy family.  Not that I’m actually involved in all the paperwork, but adoption is expensive and my sister and I are involved in making things to sell to aid the adoption fund, as well as in figuring out the legalities of such fundraisers.  (Tax and income laws are so horribly confusing…)

Anyway.  That’s what’s going on in my life right now.  I feel like God has us right at the edge of something big and I’m not entirely certain what that something big will involve, but I’m excited to see what He has in store.  I sincerely hope that it will include time to finish my novel, and I sincerely will try, but it may be a while.   Not too long, I hope…because I’m just as eager as you are to find out what happens with Brian, Jenn, Matthew and Christian!  In the meantime, I’m going to try and post some photography here and there so that my blog won’t entirely die.  So until then, get out and enjoy some sun!

~c. a.

p. s. *Oh yes, and about that day planner…I never thought I’d live to see the day when I’d actually keep a day planner on a regular basis and find it actually useful.  Well, I’ve lived to see the day, all right…my piano students will tell you that I wouldn’t know what day it was without it.  =)


4 thoughts on “Where

  1. How exciting on both accounts! Julia and I did a big chunk of our degrees with CLEPs, so I know how hard that can be! If you family is looking for an agency to help with adoption, check out Lifetime Adoption. They’re located right here in Penn Valley and work nationwide. In fact, my cousins in Pa are using them!


  2. Thanks so much, Lydia! I hadn’t heard of Lifetime Adoption, so we will have to check it out. Currently we are working with Bethany Christian Services located in Modesto, but we will certainly keep Lifetime in mind.

  3. Rebekah Carniglia 12.20.11 — 4:06 am

    Commenting on “Thing One” :) The sale was great-you ladies really put time and effort into all of your beautiful crafts; I know how much time it takes to make so many of the things you had out.

    Keep on with your writing; I am an avid writer myself, and get inspired by others-such as yourself:)

    Smiles, Rebekah

  4. Aw, that’s so sweet of you to comment! The sale was a lot of work, but I was so glad that it went well and that you all were able to come! It was so encouraging to have your family’s support and I know my mom kept saying afterwards, “it was SO encouraging to talk to the Carniglias”. =)

    Thanks also for the encouragement to keep pluggin’ along on my story…I love to write but I haven’t made it a priority lately. Now that my school schedule has slowed down a little and I know I’ve got readers, maybe I’ll buckle down on getting that sixth chapter out!

    Keep commenting, it’s always fun to hear from my readers!

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