This is Life 2.0

Homemade sourdough bread has been a big part of life lately.  A dear friend gave us the starter (whom we dubbed Jon Dough) and a recipe for no-knead bread, and the rest was history!  =)

I’m blessed to teach piano to five awesome students each week.  Four lessons on one day, however, is tough on the throat!  You’re talking for two hours straight…it gives me a new-found respect for my piano teachers who have/had up to thirty students per week!

I’ve been in love lately with brown paper packages, wax paper envelopes, parchment-paper-wrapped flowers, bows of twine and bright stationary.

There it is!  A little bit of life…the pictures are a little fuzzy because WordPress is still fighting me.  But you know…even that’s life.  It’s a little fuzzy-feeling sometimes.  But Christ is sufficient, and more than sufficient.  He is terrifyingly holy, gloriously righteous, surpassingly beautiful, and I am wonderstruck that He has chosen to work through me, to bring Himself glory through His strength and might in me.  I am in awe at His love…like Sandra McCracken says, “love is an ocean and I am a tiny cup.”  I can’t hold it all.

But He can.

~c. a.


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