This is Life 3.0

Well, This is Life 3.0 is going to  be about things that have been making me happy lately.  =)

Nicely reorganized shirt drawers:

A positively lovely Texas postcard from a dear friend:

And the fact that we have ten packs of diapers and eight packs of baby wipes in our house.  We will be doing mostly cloth diapers, but we figure that there will be times when we’re out and could really use the convenience of disposable.  So when we found a great deal on all-natural, chemical-free disposable diapers through Zulily, we stocked up. =) Hopefully it won’t be too long before there’s a baby inside them!  We’re so close to adopting, I can already smell the baby shampoo.  =)


5 thoughts on “This is Life 3.0

  1. SO excited for you guys! Isn’t it funny? If someone had told us two years ago that BOTH of our families we would be receiving new additions, we would have said they were crazy! lol :) Just goes to show you what God can do…just so happy to be sharing this adoption journey with you!

    Miss you, girl…like ALOT! When can we talk? :D

    Lots of love!

  2. Love the peek into your shirt drawer!

  3. Have you already gotten a cloth diaper stash? If not I know where to get some good deals :) Hope to see you again soon!!!

    1. Well…sort of. We found this awesome-looking wool sweater diaper cover that looks sooo comfortable and practical (I can send you the link if you’d like). I think we’re going to end up purchasing one or two of those but I’m not sure what my mom is planning on as a liner. That said, good deals are good deals and I’m sure we’d love to get in on them! =D How is Mr. Oliver?

  4. Hi Carreen!
    I love the pic of your shirt drawer…that CP t-shirt looks strangely familiar… ;) I’m so excited about your possible adoption! So awesome!


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