the long-awaited story…

here it is…the long-awaited story of my little lion-friend, Angus.  i just looked back in my posts and realized that i did still have it posted, but it was lost in the depths of the archives so i’m reposting, just for you.  =)

just so you know, c. a. webb is a pen name i came up with a long time ago so that i wouldn’t have to put my full name up on the internet (plus i think it sounds cool), and yes, i do know that strip-ed tigers do not exist in africa, but i figure that if rudyard kipling can have wolves and bears in his indian jungle, i can have tigers in my african one.  right?  =)  speaking of rudyard kipling, i actually rewrote this story in his style for a creative writing assignment a few years back.  if anyone’s curious, you can read the adaptation here.
~c. a.


4 thoughts on “the long-awaited story…

  1. I liked both of these a lot. Thanks for posting! :)

    But I’m a little bit embarrassed, since I’ve always believed that Tigers existed in Africa. I don’t know how nothing in 22 years of life has challenged this belief until now.

    So I’m going to sign this with my pen name, so as to save myself from greater embarrassment.

    1. you’re welcome…glad you enjoyed, mr. regal. unfortunately i know who you are so the penname doesn’t help much. =P where did the penname come from? same place as mooselumph? =D

  2. I enjoyed this as well Carreen… thanks for posting :)
    And I’ll just stick to my real name… I don’t have any thing to be embarrassed about, seeing as I’ve always known Tigers existed in Africa. (if we check back to reality, I really am the one who should be embarrassed…)

  3. I remember reading this once upon a time. :) You really should write more. Shannon will need some quality books to read before she gets to Shakespeare. ;P

    Love ya always,

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