so this happened…





and in case the pictures didn’t say it well enough…my best friend asked me to marry him.

i said yes.

and i would say ‘the end,’ except for one thing…it is just the beginning.

i didn’t know it was possible to love someone this much, or to be this happy…but i do now.  and i am so, so thankful for the grace and love God has lavished on me through robert. this means a lot of changes, of course…including moving from california to new mexico in four short months. but God has been faithful this far and i am confident that He will continue to guide us as we start a new life as husband and wife. and embarking on a lifelong adventure with my best friend? i can’t think of anything more wonderful than that.

we bear the light of the Son of Man

so there’s nothing left to fear

so i will walk with you in the shadow lands

until the shadows disappear

because He promised not to leave us, and His promises are true

so in the face of all this chaos, i can dance with you

so let’s go dancing in the minefields

let’s go sailing in the storm

this is harder than we dreamed, but i believe

that’s what the promise is for

that’s what the promise is for.

andrew peterson.dancing in the minefields




13 thoughts on “so this happened…

  1. I’m very happy for you both. May God guide you in all you do together. I love the song you quoted; it’s not one that I see around often much, but a friend shared it with me a while back, and it’s beautiful. Perfect way to sum up your thoughts.

    Kaleigh S.

  2. Now I am so excited that I don’t want to go to bed. :D Praising God with you and Robert!!!

  3. Where’s the nose ring? ;)

    So excited for you! (hug) I can’t wait to see what all the Lord has in store for you both — together.

    1. haha, i forgot that i ever mentioned the nose ring idea…oh, well. this is much prettier, in my humble opinion. =]

      1. Oh yes indeed. :D

  4. So happy for you both! Can’t think of two nicer families to be united.

    1. well, except for your sons and his sisters. =] thank you so much! i can’t believe this is actually happening…=]

      1. I guess this kinda makes our families related…in a round about sorta way =)

      2. yes, i think it does. =] we could make a whole new category of family…only i don’t know if it would be double-in-laws, or perhaps cousins or uncle/aunt in-laws? =]

  5. So happy for you, careen! And your ring looks gorgeous :)

  6. Yay!! I’ve been lamenting your absence on facebook and wondering how I could see pictures…should’ve known to look on here first! Congratulations! So excited and happy for the two of you!

  7. Hey Carreen! We haven’t talked in *forever* but I logged back into wordpress and this popped up, and I’m so excited for you!! That’s wonderful! I got married about a month ago, it’s awesome and fun :). Congratulations!

    1. megan! it is awesome to hear from you…i’ve gone on a hunt for your blog every now and then to try to get back in touch with you, and for some reason i couldn’t ever find it. but i’m glad you found me! and wow…you’ve got exciting news! congratulations! and thank you…i’m pretty excited, too. =] =] =]

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