of cacti, coyotes, and morning coffee

i’ve been told that this is ‘real life,’ now. my husband (that is a phrase which i am quite happy to add to my vocabulary) goes to work during the week. we have ‘projects’ that we work on during the weekends. we make shopping excursions to places like home depot and costco. and as special as it was to have ten days of irresponsibility in a beautiful cottage by the coast, and then road trip our way to new mexico, i must say that doing ‘real life’ with my best friend is the most amazing experience that marriage has offered thus far.

because making morning coffee for two is a special thing.

watching a coyote amble through our neighborhood is a special thing.

turning an orange cart into a hot drink ‘station’ equipped with coffee maker, coffee grinder, electric kettle, tea pot, and all manner of teas and coffees is special thing.

sneaking kisses in the plumbing aisle of home depot is special.

watching my husband turn a tripod and a light bulb and a target lamp shade into the coolest lamp i’ve ever seen is a special thing.

celebrating when costco carries something packaged small enough for two is a special thing.

making dinner in our own kitchen is a special thing.

watching my husband make dinner in our own kitchen, because i’m too sick to do it, is a special thing.

spontaneous hiking trips that turn into hanging around the kitchen warming up with tea that turn into getting new mexican food at this little place that tastes like homemade is a special thing.

hearing coyotes outside our window when we’re falling asleep at night is a special thing.

singing ‘the puppy song’ while hiking, or trying to harmonize while making dinner, is a special thing.

hanging out at the mvd getting our jeep registered is a special thing.

washing uniforms is a special thing.

working out in the morning together before i’m fully awake is a special thing.

deliberating over organic versus regular tomatoes is a special thing.

my husband picking cactus spines out of my bike tires is a special thing.

making plans and lists and starlit trips to get much-needed produce and un-needed ice cream is a special thing.

real, everyday life is a special thing.

it’s a gift. taking just one more breath during this life God has given us is a special thing, and it always has been. getting to do real, everyday life, just getting to eat and breathe and live with my best friend is….beautiful. and i am intensely grateful for all of it.


2 thoughts on “of cacti, coyotes, and morning coffee

  1. How great that you married a morning coffee drinker! That should be a good foundation for a long lasting marriage =D

  2. Real life with your best friend is so sweet, isn’t it! It keeps getting better, too. Savor and store up the little moments and memories to look back on!

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