tea and figments

my {lovely, perfect, hand-crafted and exquisitely personalized} new blog is up and running! we are still working on a few things, including making it easier to navigate, but i’ve transferred my old posts there and will be writing any new posts there as well.  =]


3 thoughts on “tea and figments

  1. love the new design! :)

  2. I was wondering if this would happen, given that this blog is carreenA.wordpress.com. ;)

    Wait wait wait. The font you used is “carreen”? Where can I get this font?
    And did you make those drawings/images on the background? They’re kinda cool…
    And where did the name “tea and figments” come from, anyway?

    1. robert built the entire blog theme, from pictures of his desk, notebook, pencil, and corkboard. he drew/designed the flowers, fox, nest of fox eggs, and the cup of tea for the tab icon. the handwriting on the header (tea and figments) is his as well.

      the rest of the handwriting is, indeed, mine…and while you can’t get it, if you go to http://www.myscriptfont.com/, you can make your own font using your own handwriting. =]

      the fox and fox eggs are an old joke between us…we used them as our wedding theme. you can read the story here: http://robertlovescarreen.com/2014/07/26/of-foxes-and-eggs/

      the name ‘tea and figments’: during a brainstorm-session, robert came up with that title and we thought it had a classy ring to it. we like tea; figments are both an inside joke and a unique way of referencing imaginative thought. we wanted the blog to be a place where we could send potential children’s book (and other) publishers if they wanted a taste of my work, style, and personality, so ‘figments’ seemed like a good fit.

      in other words, it’s the best birthday present ever…and the most unique, personalized, perfectionary blog i’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, let alone owning. =]

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