Scribblings About the Scribbler

there is always a certain feeling of curiosity when i try to describe myself to others…as often as not, i am the one who is surprised by what i say and not the other person.  what i do know for certain is this: that Jesus Christ, though fully God, was born a man; that He lived a sinless life; that He was crucified, dead, buried, and raised again; and that He granted me saving and sanctifying faith in Himself.  it is because of Him that i live, and therefore by His grace it is for Him and His glory that i strive to live.

i am the supremely contented wife of my best friend and fellow adventurer. sometimes i think music must be a part of my being because i always have a song playing in my head or my heart.  the recoil of a gun makes me smile.  sometimes i am scared of the dark.  i spell the word grinn with at least two n’s.  i believe tacos should be universally considered a breakfast food.  when i am sad or lonely or stressed, what sounds the most comforting is a long, barefoot run on a sandy beach…or over muddy trails through the rain.  i swing-dance with myself when no one is home.  my collection of children’s books has outrun our collection of bookcases.  i am slightly inclined to be rebellious just for the sake of being rebellious.  i don’t like eggs.  i think there are few moments so delicious as those in which i find the exact words in which to scribble my thoughts.  when i am startled i do not scream (most of the time).  i love finding beauty in unexpected places.  i kill my own spiders…most of the time.  i smile when my husband gets home from work, when i wrap my hands around a warm mug of tea or coffee, when i hear rain outside my window, when a child climbs into my lap, when friends are so close that they know me better than i do.

that is not all there is to me.  but the most important part is in the first paragraph.  the rest is only bits and pieces, and sometimes i think even i don’t know about them all.  however, i do find that bits and pieces unearth themselves when i scribble…so perhaps by exploring the rest of this blog, you might pick up a few more.  =]  if not…it doesn’t really matter, after all.  all that matters is contained in the first paragraph — namely, the gospel.  and i pray, most earnestly, that whatever i scribble here will be only a reflection of that.  that whatever else i may be, i may first and always be transparent to the light of Christ, by His grace.

c. r.

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