tea and figments

my {lovely, perfect, hand-crafted and exquisitely personalized} new blog is up and running! we are still working on a few things, including making it easier to navigate, but i’ve transferred my old posts there and will be writing any new posts there as well.  =]

the quiet

young wife, you have experienced much joy. sometimes it comes mightily, rolling over you like the ocean waves you danced in, the day he asked and you said yes. it sparkles like the new ring on your finger, sweeps above your head in gusts like the parachute you married him beneath. sometimes joy comes quietly, falling like […]


no one ever warned me how strange it would be, to be engaged to be married and not yet married. it is a strange, anchorless kind of limbo that i never expected. when your heart is in one place and your body in another, where do you call ‘home’? how do you sweep yourself out […]


life is full right now. in just sixty-seven days i will give my life to the man i love. two weeks after that, i will move with him to a new state…a new home. there is a stack of boxes quickly growing like some fungus all over the room that my patient sister and i […]