The Foolish and the Weak 4.0

Would you look at that!  I think I just broke some kind of “longest chapter to write ever” record!  Well.  Hope it’s good enough to make up for the wait.  In my opinion, even though I tried to dial down the emotion a little bit for breathing room, it’s still pretty raw.  But at this […]

The Foolish and the Weak 3.0

Well, we’re now arriving at the one-quarter mark of this painfully slow novel, and I think it’s about time for some good old-fashioned c. a.-signature novel-bashing, don’t you agree?  I mean, at least three fellow CW guinea pigs are reading along and even they must admit I’ve been pretty good about not bashing so far.  […]

The Foolish and the Weak 2.2

Yes, yes, I know…every chapter is revised and revised and there are never any new ones!  I promise, 3.0 is in the works…it’s halfway done.  I’m posting this because a couple of you (and I ) thought that “it” happened too quickly.  It’s still fast and it’s meant to be, but this at least gives […]

The Foolish and the Weak 2.0

Chapter 2.0 at last.  If you’re keeping up with my poor little author-neglected novella, keep scrolling down because I posted a revised version of Chapter 1 which equals Chapter 1.2.  Easiest way of keeping track of all the editations.  =)  Also, if you’re keeping track, I would appreciate your take on the end of this […]

The Foolish and the Weak 1.2

I said it would take me a bit to get the next chapter, but you didn’t think it would take this long, did you?  Well, I’ve got some pretty good excuses lined up.  First I had a busy week to get through with a nasty cold, and I recovered from that just in time to […]