RR16 – Creative Clichés

When I define creative writing to myself, I often find myself mistakenly thinking of it as writing something completely new.  Because I know that others commit the same error, I thought that I would take this opportunity to dispel the myth.  Writing something completely new does not equal “creative writing”; writing something “old” can often […]

RR15 – Unconditional

Unconditional love. Every time that I hear that phrase, my mind immediately jumps to the fact that nothing that I do can separate me from the love of God.  No matter how many times I mock His name by my actions, He never stops loving me.  But until I read Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, […]

RR12 – Cat and Dog Theology

Rudyard Kipling’s short stories unveil the workings of a strange worldview.  While I lack the familiarity with his writing to form a full idea of his religion, I did find an interesting display of perspective in Kipling’s tale The Cat that Walked by Himself. Perhaps you have heard of Cat and Dog Theology.  Author Bob […]

RR11 – Writing Speech

Have you ever read a book that just dragged horribly?  How about a novel that captivated you at first, but seemed to hit a wall a few chapters in?  Chances are they relied primarily on narration to tell their stories.  While techniques for writing appealing narrative abound, Dr. Kristi Siegel reminds writers of the importance […]