scribblings about the scribblings

i confess that i borrowed the title of this blog from michael card’s song, scribbling in the sand.  mr. card was referring to something completely different by that phrase, but i felt that it was an apt description of my purpose in writing.  scribbling down musings in and about a world as temporal as a message on the beach…that’s really all i’m doing.  and i not only recognize that…i embrace it.  because, by God’s grace, my perspective is eternal though my scribblings are not.  i have been saved by Christ’s death on the cross and His resurrection on the third day, and He is sanctifying me into the image of His Son.  i find that scribbling my thoughts helps me process them, helps me keep my eyes fixed firmly on the cross behind and the prize ahead.  only in doing so are these scribblings of any worth.  so i pray earnestly that anything and everything that i scribble here will glorify the name of the Savior i love, and will represent Him purely and with passion.

when i began blogging, i was enrolled in a creative writing class with the potter’s school.  this blog was originally created for the purpose of allowing classmates to comment more efficiently on assignments.  that was many years ago, and over time it has morphed from a portfolio of much of my ‘creative’ work [including photography, stories, poetry, and more] into a journal — a commentary on this beautiful adventure God has me on.  life is full, so very full, and sometimes it is all i can do to just live it — which means that scribbling doesn’t happen as often as i might like.  but i generally find my way back to scribbling sooner or later, so please check back and see what is new…and feel free to leave a ‘message on a balloon,’ while you are at it.  i read and treasure every one, and rely on my dear friends who keep up with my ramblings to help keep me cross-centered.

c. a.

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