S16 – top three?

Well, being the busy, efficient, on-top-of-it sort of person that c. a.s generally are (translated: because I’m leaving the day after tomorrow and getting frazzled because of un-turned-in-assignments), I already turned in my S16.  Howsomever — “howsomever”, by the way,  is a very useful sort of word in that no one is quite sure what […]

S14 – Novel-ty Bookends

Don’t ask me why I’m posting so early.  Guess I banged out the assignment in record time working off of the leftover inspiration from last week.  I really should have used it up on the novel project…that’s moving far slower than last week, but I guess it’s not all that bad.  I got about halfway […]

S13 – “Snowball” Story!

This was a hilariously fun project, writing what I like to call a “snowball” story, where each person builds off of the last person’s sentences to create a story!  We should do it again sometime…  *winks* Eve stared down at the object in her hand. She knew what she had to do. Immediately, she contacted […]

S12 – Three Questions

As you can see, I went a little overboard on all of these.  =D  Very fun assignment, and just the thing to help me recover from the last three weeks of longish sandboxes (somebody else’s NP5, POV and speech).  =D  The movie theme portion of this assignment was actually very difficult because all the music […]